Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Monday, August 24, 2015

Bello Horizonte

Family and Friends,

Well my first week in Bello Horizonte was quite amazing! I had some pretty amazing experiences this week. My comp doesnt have much time in this area either so we are getting to know a ton of new people. Right now it is a little difficult, but my comp and I are making a lot of goals of things that we are going to do to make a difference in this branch. oh yeah i forgot to tell you guys im now serving in a branch. Theres not a single ward in the whole zone! Im excited to see this branch grow. The people here are so nice and are so good to the missionaries. There are a few members that are friends with some of the members in my old area so i have been treated really well! haha 

Yesterday my comp and I went to a recent converts house for dinner, and something really touched me. As we went to go eat we entered a really small room and its where this family was living. the Woman gave us the biggest smile that i have seen and welcomed us in. she was so happy and told us to sit down. she pulled out a table and gave us a ton of food with rice beans noodles tomatoes and then always a coke to drink. we said a prayer and then began to eat. she still had the biggest smile on her face and then said with a small voice i love feeding you guys. we began eating and we saw her and the kids eating off to the side. They didnt have nearly what we had on our plates. These people give literally their very best to us. They love us and know that as they serve us that the lord will bless them. very touching moment. Im excited to work here and to help this zone have great success. Another dope week and we hope to see a few baptisms this weekend. oh and Elder Nelson is coming to talk to our mission. really excited to listen to him.  

Monday, August 17, 2015

Whole New Chapter

Family and Friends

 this week was quite the week
 had some ups and had some downs. I had the opportunity to see many miracles happen this week. In the past couple weeks i have seen that the Lord has given his strongest and his chosen people many trials. I have seen so many things happen within the last week that i have come to know how important it is that we build our foundation upon the rock of jesus christ. this means follow him and live his teachings. I have seen many people struggle
but i have also seen people that have been pushing forward with great faith. really cool stuff. Also hna meybelin got baptized on saturday and shared the most amazing testimony afterwards. This was a very special moment for her and it was really cool to watch her change. My comp and i are struggling to find more people
but the lord will surely bless my comp and his new comp!
WHAT?!! I know this is where the down part of my week begins. yesterday i found out that i would be heading to another zone to continue to fulfill the same responsibilities as before
BUT I will be doing it with my DAD!! hahah my trainer and i are comps again hahaha i was so surprised when i heard that. I am working in bello horizante and the funny thing is is that its like 10 minutes from my zone of villa flor. hahaha. Im very sad for many reasons. 1 my zone of villa flor has really gotten so much better. the missionaries are doing awesome and we most likely will reach our goal. We had a meeting as a zone and gave out the changes. I HAD 1 YEAR IN VILLA FLOR i came to love it and all the missionaries. we had grown so much and have been having such great success
but the lord has something else in plan for me and i am so excited to start a whole new chapter with my new zone and meet new people.
The really sad thing was that yesterday i had to say goodbye to everyone. we cried so much hahahah. i have grown such a close bond with so many people. many that are people that i have baptized and many members that have become my family. It was so so so so hard. i realized at this point just how special these people are to me. i have seen so much in the year that i have been in the same zone. and have gotten so close to so many people. These relationships will last a life time. I love this gospel and the family that i have here in nicaragua. wouldnt trade this time for anything in the world. Thank you all for your support and for your love. cant wait to start a new week in a different area.

Monday, August 10, 2015


Family and Friends!

Well this week was pretty awesome! Ya completed one year of the mission!!! soo weird.  I had a pretty cool experience this week when i was on divisions with Elder Montezuma. he came to my area and we had one of the best days of work on my mission. I was amazed how we were guided to teach people that i didnt really plan on visiting, but as a result we saw many fruits. we encountered a woman who has received missionaries for 2 years off and on but has never come to think of baptism or to go to church. We teach people the doctrine, but if they never act they never receive the promises that God has made for them. For a person to make a decision to make a covenant with the lord, they need to fulfill with a few compromisos. as i was thinking about that many times we listen we say we believe but if we never act we never do what jesus has done, we will never have a true conversion. Its when we act that we see the fruits of our work that we see the lord fulfill his promises. This woman followed through with one compromiso just because she has heard missionaries over and over again. But this time as she followed through with one commitment she felt something different. she now not only has a desire to listen but her faith has increased and she trusts that as she acts, the Lord will do his part.We made a plan and by the end she said she will get baptised. Pretty cool experience. Also hna Meybeline is for sure for sure that she will get baptised this weekend. saturday at 5. she is so cool. she has lived a rough life, but as she has been receiving the lessons and as she has gone to church she said that for the first time in her life she has felt hope. pretty dope. changes are on Monday and im pretty nervous for the changes. i think im leaving but dont know. As a zone we are seeing some miracles happen and i have loved being in Villa Flor. Thanks for everything!! love you guys! see you guys soon!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Elder Torres

Family and friends,

Well this week was pretty crazy! so we had a zone meeting and we talked about the month of July and then we established new goals for this month. everyone is preparing for the apostol that is coming at the end of this month. we have no idea who it will be. the zone finished strong the last week of july and we put a pretty high goal for august which is awesome. One thing that i have learned is that when we put goals that are high we slowly become to realize that we cant do it alone. that we need gods help to reach this goal. this motivates us to work hard because we trust in the lords promises. cool stuff. this week my comp and i were supposed to have divisions with the aps but when we went to their area they told us that we couldnt because of emergency changes. I went back to my area and worked with an elder that goes home in two weeks. Elder Torres. it was awesome. then the next day i had the chance to work with one of my buddies in the ccm. was so awesome!! Elder Hirschi who is one of the aps. It was such a good time.

Isabel and Jorge wrote us a page with their testimonies and it was so amazing. They are doing so well and now are preparing for the next step which is the temple. They have such strong testimonies. Also my mom here in the mission is struggling right now she didnt go to church last week but my comp and i promised her that if she went we would go up and share our testimonies. she showed up and the theme of the testimonies was finding strength through hard times. the spirit was so strong and she was very touched. I love this gospel and how it strengthens us. We are preparing a family of 5 and 3 other people for baptism on the 15. Nancy y Frank  and their three kids, Omar and Perla and Mevelin. they are doing so awesome and its been awesome to see them progress. I love every single one of you and appreciate all the support. thank you for your emails. oh yeah my comp and i moved houses today. president told us that we could no longer live in our old house hahaha. so we found a house that is pretty awesome. got to go love you guys!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Roller Coaster

Family and Friends,

This week was so awesome! I saw so many miracles happen, and the lord blessed my comp and I so much. It was the last week of the month and as a zone we have been struggling a whole lot. On wedensday we had a zone meeting and talked about what has been going on and what are the struggles that everyone has been facing. The mission is like a roller coaster and many times we forget that life isnt supposed to be easy. we are here on the earth to be tested. we all have trials big and small, but there is something that i have really begun to comprehend. Miracles dont happen until after a trial of our faith. In almost all of my emails i share struggles, but I also share little miracles. if we want to receive blessing we have to sacrifice a little to humble ourselves before god. This is when the Lord blesses us. It is something that my comp and i have practiced and we have seen so many blessings. In the Book of Mormon all the profets and missionaries suffered many afflictions, but they trusted in God and Fasted and prayed often, and always were lead in the right direction and were blessed in many different ways. This week hna Isabel had been planning to be baptized on saturday. My dl came to do the interview and as he was interviewing her i had the time to talk to her husband Jorge who we started teaching, he is so awesome but we had originally  put a fecha for the 8th. as I was talking to him i invited him to be baptized with his wife, that during the baptism of his wife if he felt the spirit tell him to do it that he she follow that prompting. The day of her baptism we started the servicio bautismal and he received that prompting. They both were baptised together and it was so awesome! Then on Sunday morning brachel Brandon Josue y juniet were baptised. I saw many cool things happen this week and im so sure that god is aware of our needs and as we push forward with faith he will bless us. I know he lives and loves us. Thank you all for your support. love you guys and I want to make a shout to my boy Malcolm. I love you man, and i know that your mom is resting now. It was hard for me to hear that knews. It is hard Malcolm it is so hard but you are not alone. I love you man and keep being the man you are. You inspire everyone around you. you are the man and we all love you. Thanks for your testimony malcolm and for being you. BROTHAS FOR LIFE.

Elder Knight 

Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm Like A Member Now

Family and Friends, 

Im going to keep things short. like every week haha. I first want to thank all who wrote me brithday wishes. they really meant a lot to me. I had so many amazing experiences that really changed my life this week. The spirit is awesome and i have really grown to love these people. Especially the ones that my comp and I teach. we had amazing lessons with all of our investigators and we are preparing a baptismal service on the 25 for brandon brachel juniet josue isabel sylvia and delmer. They are all so awesome and are excited to get baptized. ´please keep them in their prayers so that they can continue to progress. also we had 9 investigators that went to church on sunday. we recently have been receiving so many blessings. This week we fasted and we saw so many miracles. This week was such a special week and I really have come to love this gospel. It brings so much happiness in peoples lives. Karla that got baptised last month is now the secretary of the relief society and is doing so well. she feels a little bit overwhelmed but she is going to do awesome. 

ON sunday was so awesome. I received so many small gifts! The ward is like my family and they all were so awesome.  After church we went to the house where we eat lunch at every day. they decorated their little room and made me a cake! The ward told me yesterday that i should just build a home here and move in because im like a member now haha. I have been here for so long haha its so awesome. They are my family here. It was so fun. after they cracked an egg on my head and poured flour on my head hahaha. they call it the wet chicken. well it was so awesome and I am so happy here. Thanks again for all your support and emails! have a good week!!! pictures next week!!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

I love How The Atonement Works

Family and Friends,

Well this week was so wild. we had 16 posibilities to interview this week. never was in my area but had some really cool experiences, a few sad experiences too. I love how the atonement works in our lives. The atonement is for all those that believe in God and choose to follow and do all that he has commanded us. I love being able to see how these people have completely changed their lives and have recieved an answer to their prayers. My comp and I this week with the little time that we have been in our area have been blessed to be able to follow the impressions of the spirit. We found many people this week who are just prepared. One Lady who we contacted this week came to a few of the baptisms that we had on Saturday and absolutely loved it. After all the members showed interest and as we were walking her back to her house she told us that she wants to prepare to become a member of the church. So many blessing also a family that we have been teaching of 5 will be getting baptized on the 24 of July. My comp and I have found somany people who are ready to enter the first door. we have been so blessed and we are so excited for July. 

Love Elder Knight