Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Monday, September 22, 2014


family and friends!

I dont know exactly where to start because im full of so many emotions right now. Im in Nicaragua and I have been here a week now. Nicaragua is really hot and it has been hard getting used to walking all day. But I think the best thing about this place is the people. When I got here I didnt know what to expect but I soon figured out how blessed i am. It brought me to tears to see everyone in my area living in huts with tin roofs with dirt floors. It was a huge shock to me.nd by the way my companions name is Elder De La Cruz. He is so awesome. We have been working so hard this week. Everything is so different here. No one has anything. literally living on the smallest amount of money. I am so overwhelmed right now that I dont know what really to say but I have had the best week. My companion and I have been teaching so many people and our days are always super busy. THIS IS THE HARDEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE. But i cant begin to explain how much i have learned. In lessons i can hardly understand what the people are saying but I have had the opportunity to bear my testimony and share some scriptures. There is this family that I have gotten so close to. My companion and I eat at there place everyday. I eat beans and rice everyday. and some days we eat only once hahah. I am getting so skinny. I have gotten so close to the kids here. we have handshakes and they always fight over who gets to sit next to me ahhaha. I get scared at all the time and one of the funniest things is that my bishop told me to be extra careful because the girls have been talking about me. everyone stares and some people yell stuff at me like caballo and stuff like that. but I want to share an experience I had. My companion and I have been teaching this woman in the family whose house we eat at all the time. One night we went over and were teaching her about baptism. The spirit was so strong as my companion shared some awesome things in the scriptures. I bore my testimony and felt the spirit more than ever before. We talked to her about the blessings we receive and what it means to take upon us the name of Jesus Christ. After there was 5 minutes of pure silence. and again the spirit was so strong. she then said that she wanted to get baptized. she chose me to baptize her and the next day I went over the baptism interview questions with her and it was an amazing experience. I dont have time and I know this probably doesnt make sense but I want you all to know that this is the best thing a young kid like me can do. It has been an amzing experience as I have been able to see the change in peoples lives. In the next few weeks my companion and I have 3 or 4 baptisms set up! hopefully 4. It is amazing here and I love you all

Love elder Knight 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Last Email From The MTC

Family and Friends,
This past week has been absolutely amazing. It has been mostly meetings but I have had some amazing experiences. On saturday I had TRC and My companion and I taught over skype! it was a different experience but the spirit was still so strong. I love teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yesterday was our last sunday and my whole district spoke in sacrament. The spirit was so strong and it was amazing to see how far we have come with the language, our testimonies and everything! we then sang the EFY Medley in spanish and it braught everyone in the room to tears. It was such an amazing feeling. My district afterwards had a huge heart to heart which obviously was just sobbing haha. We all have created such an amazing bond. That sunday night was the best though. The district that leaves gets to sit in the front of the auditorium and you sit together because at the end of the movie there is a slideshow presentation of all the districts. We watched the old testament movie and it was amazing. I love the spirit that it brings. Afterwards we watched the slideshow and we were all just crying haha lots of tears. Afterwards the districts that were leaving this week had a meeting with president pratt and it was so good! we had a testimony meeting and I really was reminded why I am here on a mission. I bore my testimony and I cant begin to describe the feeling I had. When everyday you are studying the gospel and teaching investigators you really have and increase of the spirit. I had to say good bye to some really good missionaries last night including two from my district. Hermana Smith and Elder Harris. All of us Elders stayed up till 2:30 with him and it was so sad. I hate good byes! I have created amazing friendships that I will never forget. I have learned so much here in the MTC. Tomorrow morning I head off to Nicaragua. I am feeling all sorts of emotions. I am so excited to share this gospel to the peope in Nicaragua. Im so nervous but know that I will not be alone. I cant wait to share with you guys all my experiences. I love you all and am so greatful for your support

Elder Knight

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This Gospel Is Awesome!

Hellloooooo family and friends, 

This week has been awesome. I havent been teaching much so Im sorry that I dont have an experience to share but I have really really come to love the Book of Mormon a lot! I just finished Mosiah and that book is so awesome! such power in every chapter. I also have been studying both spanish and english. I read one verse in english and then one in spanish. The book of Mormon is amazing and the spirit is always there when we read it. The spirit has helped me find scriptures that are needed for the investigator. This gospel is awesome! Last night we watched a talk from Holland. He is by far the most powerful speaker ever! He taught about how the prophets of old knew that they wouldnt succeed but they knew we would. crazy stuffffff. This is the last dispensation that will receive the messiah. We will not fail. All his words were so powerful. Yesterday my district created a 4 verse song and we made it for an elder in my district who wanted a hermanas email. It was so funnyyyyyyy. We sang to her and then Elder Acordinio spun his chair around and walked up to her and asked for her email. So funny!

There is a guy that works at our dorm and he cleans everyday. Well I have gotten pretty tight with him and talking to him is helping my spanish so much! His name is Fernando. The funniest guy ever! He will come into my room and sit on my bed and just talk with me. So awesome. Well two days ago he sneaked McDonalds in to the MTC for me and my district. It was the best cause the food here is so bad!At night I hang with the hispanics and they are sooooo funny. Ive gotten really close with the ones in my dorm. We play games every night and we teach each other our slang. Oh and Im an usher which means on devotionals my district seats all the missionaries and hold the mikes and follow president Pratt wherever he goes. Its pretty awesome. I leave next week and Im so excited but so sad! I have gotten so close to my district and love them. It will be so hard to leave them. Love you guys and hope all is well.   

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bearing Testimony

Hi family and friends,
The weeks are repetitive so im sorry that i dont have a lot to write. But this past week has been really good. My companion and I had the opportunity to teach a real investigator. We were so nervous! one of the other elders knocked on the room door and said adios instead of hola and it was sooo funny. anyway we knocked on the door and the guy comes to the door. He was a total rock type a guy in a hardcore band and everything. We sat down and got to know him a little bit and then started our lesson. It was crazy because he was a real investigator. we taught about prayer and that god loves us. the spirit was so strong and i felt like he really felt the spirit. As a companionship it was the best lesson we had had. We committed him to pray to know if the things we taught him were true and he said yes and he said that he believed everything we taught him but he wanted to see if it was right for him. We challenged him to baptism as well. first lesson! he said he would get baptized if he received an answer to his prayers. and so my companion and i both testified of the power of prayer and the spirit was so strong. I have learned that bearing testimony is so powerful and invites the spirit. I also have learned that we need to give people opportunities to feel the spirit. bearing testimony is huge! but one thing I have found is that reading the book of mormon with the investigator really helps the spirt testify to them that the book of mormon is true and that it can help them in their life. there are so many more things that i want to share but i dont have time and i dont even know if this email has made any sense haha. but i would like to share one last thing and that is the power of conversion throught the spirit. I have learned that you dont need to have some big spiritual prompting to guide you. Often times if you are obedient and keep the covenants that you have made with your heavenly father you will be put in places or do things that are inspired by the spirit without you really even knowing it. I have found this to be true and am amazed at how the spirit works and blesses our lives. Often times we think that we need to have some big spiritual experience to know if things are true or to be guided at what to do but i think many times the lord lets us choose and then confers upon us if it is right. One last thing. The Book Of Mormon is powerful in conversion. when you read and discuss particular verses the spirit testifies that the words are true. I have seen this happen. the Book of Mormon invites the spirit and allows the spirit to be able to touch the people that read and ponder what it says. It its vitally important that we recognize when the spirit is touching the person you are talking to and then testifying about that principle. You can not teach without the spirit. If the spirit is not there then the things you say are just words. Ask questions how they feel. when the investigator is involved you can come to know what the investigator needs and feels. I want to go on and on but i cant hahah but these are things that I have learned through my experiences. I have a few funny things to say next week. Love you all and i appreciate all your emails. if i dont get a chance to reply im so sorry I really am trying. but know that I appreciate them and they mean the world 
Elder Knight