Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Monday, October 27, 2014

This Is His Work

Family and friends; 
This week has been up and down but im learnin so much. I go on divisions with members and it has been so hard because i have to talk with my investigators because im the only one that knows them hahah but the lord has strengthened me so much. this mission has been a huge learning experience for me. im recognizing how selfish i really am. I love serving people so much but i have been so worried abou my self. Yesterday i had to give a talk in sacrament meeting and I was so nervous. It was on oration con fe. (prayer and faith) I was so nervous for it haha because i feel like right now im not making a difference and wonder if the peopkle can even understand me. after church and later that night one of the hermanas told me that the people were talking about how wonderful it was and that their investigator told her that my talk really helped her. also one of our investigators told me that he really enjoyed it and said he will get baptized on the 15th! My prayers have been answered for so long I have been wondering if im maing a difference. The lord is helping me in ways that i cant even comprehend. this is his work and im realizing who i need to become to really help these people. My companion and I are together for another exchange! Im learning a lot. It is the hardest thing ever but is the best thing ever hahah. This week I was attacked by a dog hahah i have some pretty cool battle wounds haha. im good though nothing serious. also another storm came and turned the roads into rivers up to my knees. I love it here and am starting to et the hang of things. The lord has blessed me in so many ways to do his work. I miss and love all of you guys and thank you or your prayers and emails! lataaaaaI live in a small tin house that is smaller than our music room hahah I am currently in Via flor in managua and it is so poor. it is hot all the time and im always sweating there are only tin houses with dirt floors and some dont have walls to there houses. I have eaten about all parts of the cow but i love it. My bishop and my mission leader are awesome!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Third Baptism

Family and Friends, 
This past week has been quite the roller coaster. There have been days where everything that could go wrong, went wrong. But then I have had so many experiences that just keep reminding me of why I am here. My companion and I had an awesome lesson with a guy named Francisco! He was an atheist and we gave the first lesson and it was so powerful. But then we asked him to pray and I talked to him about the feelings of the spirit and after the prayer, he was lie Wow I feel different. So awesome because then he came to church with is and it was so amazing! Like there aren't words to describe. Also this past week we had divisions with 2 zones. I was so scared because I didn't want a change, and my spanish is not very good. Well, I was put with my AP and so I was even more scared haha. I learned so much from him. We worked harder than I have ever worked with my comp. And I had another opportunity as the Spirit prompted me to share my testimony with a family about the Plan of Salvation. The woman had lost her husband. Ill never forget the look on their faces. The spirit was so strong. My AP shared showed me how to be a good missionary and HAVE FUN! He lives like a king compared to me haha. We had so much fun.
Also yesterday was my 3rd baptism! Her name is Dania. It was so special. It is so amazing to watch your investigators take steps forward in the right direction. Oh and the craziest thing happened on Friday night. So we were at an investigators house with the Bishop and his first assistant. We were teaching a lesson and it was so powerful. My Bishop is awesome and his testimony was crazy amazing. But at the end it started to pour. like rained harder than I have ever seen. Well it started to flood their house and so my comp and I jumped in the water and started filling buckets and then we went outside to build a dam because it was getting worse and as we stepped outside of the house it was like rapids! All the way up to my knees! It was crazy! And I didn't have my camera ): I was completely soaked and muddy. It was the best. And then after my comp and I were helping carry kids to dry ground and safety. People were taking pictures of us haha. It was so fun! But sadly 5 people died in my area. My comp and I have 2 more baptisms this week and potentially have 2 more the following. The Lord continues to bless me. I have seen so many miracles and I love the people. Right now it is so hard, but I trust it will get better.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Lord Continues To Help Me

family and friends, 
I have had quite the week this past week. I am getting the hang of things, but its still hard because i cant understand everything, but I have had a few amazing experiences. So my district leader went on divisions with me and I was so scared I had to be the leader and know my area and who to teach. It was hard but the LORD CONTINUES TO HELP ME. we were tracting and I felt inspired to tract one street. We were tracting and were having so much success. but then we contacted this man and he looked devastated. I began to tell him that we are missionaries and that we have a message about jesus christ and that he has restored his church back on the earth through a prophet. He then explained that his wife just died and I was like wow! I get to share my testimony of eternal families. I began to bare testimony and he said that he would like to meet with us again! 

I was so excited but then something happened- the couple that we have been teaching got in a fight after we talked to them and we helped them make the decision to get married and how the gospel will bless their family. Well they broke up and as I said my goodbye because gary the boyfriend was leaving. he told us that he will keep what we have taught in his heart and that we would always be with him. He began to cry and i was devastated. I left feeling awful for I truly loved these people. I then ate meat that wasnt cooked and I threw up in my mouth and had to chug water. I am so sick now haha but after lunch we got a call and gary told us that he was staying and we rushed to his house and he said they have made the decision to stay because they love each other and they have a kid who they want to raise up in a happy family. My prayers have been answered, they are getting baptized in the next month and we have many positive contacts! I love all of you and am so grateful for everything you all have done for me. I pray for you all all the time. Just under 2 years! haha love you all! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

First Baptism

Ma familia y friends,
This week has been a complete rollercoaster. I have so many stories to tell. First off I got really sick this past week and it has been so hard on me. We walk all day till the 9:30 and sometimes later. But I have had the most amazing experiences. Tuesday was the hardest day ever. Day after PDAY, and I felt homesick. I felt anger because spanish has been really rough! I felt just every sad emotion possible. Then that night my companion and I went out teaching with our bishop. Out last lesson was with a man named Wilder. Wilder has been fighting with his wife and his wife and kids left for a time. As we began to teach I immediately forgot all my selfish thought and felt love for this man. The spirit really hit me as the bishop began to explain the blessings of the atonement. After I felt inspired to share this scripture: Alma 33:11 And As I described this verse to him I felt the spirit so strong. After he expressed how he felt and began to cry. My being a baby started to cry too. From that point on I decided that I would forget myself and trust in the Lord. The atonement of Jesus Christ is for everyone and to see the change in peoples lives proves to me that this church is true. There is no way that I can have any doubt. I have seen so many things, witnessed the change in peoples lives, and the Lord continues to help me.
I have seen people who literally have nothing except complete faith. My companion and I have 4 baptism dates, hopefully 5 and a family of 2. I have seen a 12 year old with no members in his family read the Book of Mormon and pray with complete faith. A 12 year old! I have the amazing privilege to baptize him next week. I have seen 2 people decide to fully commit to the Lord and give up things for the church. And I just witnessed one of the most amazing things ever! My companion and I just taught Gary y Vannessa. Last night we taught them a scripture to read in Alma 32:27 with Moroni 10:4-5. Tonight we asked them how they felt and they expressed that they felt the feelings of the spirit. My companion then shared Galations 3:6 and I wish I could describe what its like to see the spirit touch people in such a big way. I cant begin to describe the feeling. I turned to my companion and said this is freakin awesome haha. They are getting baptized October 18th because they said they want to learn more. My companion is amazing and is such a good example to me. He is amazing with these people and I have learned so much from him. Now I have two funny stories for you guys.
Earlier in the week we were contacting and teaching Steven the 12 year old. Well an adult who knew Steven came up to us and joined. Well we were finished with our lesson and my compaion was talking with Steven. And so this guy started talking to me and it was night time. So i couldn't really see him. Well he was really interested in talking with me and I was like sweet I finally got to talk normal conversation with someone who wants to talk to me haha so we were talking for like 15 minutes and after I was like Elder! I just was talking the best spanish ever and apparently while I was talking with this guy his friend told my companion that he was interested inme and that I should be careful. My companion started laughing so hard and was like brush he was a cochon! Knight that wasn't even funny. Sorry I am not good at telling stories. This next story is really good though. I promise. So we had a huge storm and this guy saw that we were getting soaked and invited us into his home. Well it turns out that he is inactive. He introduced us to his friend and we began to teach him. He was completely drunk and smelled so bad! The storm was so loud and I could barely hear him. So we finished and we asked the inactive to say the prayer and he was hesitant and..
Okay so recently I have been really sick. Today was the absolute worst out of all the days. So Im waiting for my companion to get out of the shower and Im almost in tears because I have to use the bathroom so bad. My companion comes out and says “don't use the restroom its clogged, and we have no plunger!” And so I was like okay Im just going to go in the shower and the bad thing is that our drain sucks. So my companion says “NO!” So he puts a bag around his arm and stuck his hand in the toilet. He was gagging and yelling and I was on the ground laughing so hard! It worked though haha. This is the absolute hardest thing I have ever done, but I am learning so much. I have seen the Lord’s hand in this work and I have seen the spirit touch so many peoples lives here. I love this gospel and I love and miss all of you so much. Miss you guys! seriously though! Thank you for your emails and Im so sorry that I haven't replied to all of you. I dont even have time to read them because I only have 45 min! But I want you to know how grateful I am for all your emails. They mean the world to me. 
Today was one of my favorite days. It actually started out bad because I ate the nastiest meat ever. It was some part of the cow, but Hermana Lupe gave me a ton of it. More than anyone else. I was shoving it down my throat and tried not to gag. It was so hard. But I just thought to myself, It could be worse. But after we went to the sisters area and helped them get contacts. My comp said he wouldn't help me and if he did I had to pay for his dinner. Well he had to help me haha. But after that I decided to lose my fear and instead I just was happy and excited to talk with them people. The Lord helped me so much to say the things that they needed to hear and contact the houses. When we trust in the Lord he helps us. It is so nice to feel the spirit almost all the time. I love this work. Tonight we went with the Bishop to the house of Gary and Vanessa. They are a young couple and have a few problems that are keeping them form being happy. But as I watched the Bishop talk to them, it was amazing to see this young couple want to change. After Gary bore testimony that he felt different and that he wants this gospel for his family. 

They are getting baptized on the 18th and it is amazing to see these people change. To watch them feel the spirit testify to them that it is true and to match them change. It is amazing. It is so amazing. It still is so fetching hard, but I love it. 

First Baptism!

Elder De La Cruz from Rep├║blica Dominicana.  He loves his companion

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Passing of Caeden's Grandma Yum-Yum

From Kari: 
It is with deep sadness that I will be sharing in an email with sweet Caeden that his wonderful grandma Yum Yum (Youngman) passed away yesterday morning in Utah. :( Many of you have already heard, and I appreciate you thoughts and prayers. I would ask that you not share with him this news in an email, as he does not yet know. I have formulated a heartfelt email from me to send soon, as tomorrow is his email day. I will let you know when he has received the news. 

We tried to call the mission office yesterday but could not get through, and have not yet gotten a reply back from the mission president about how to proceed with this kind of news. I’m certain they are busy as it is conference weekend. 

Thank you for being mindful at this time. Your prayers are felt and appreciated.

Nothing prepares you for this, but I am ever so grateful for the eternal plan and of eternal life and families, and particularly grateful that Caeden is sharing the good news of this wonderful gospel. 

Much love to all,