Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Monday, November 24, 2014


Family and Friends,
    This week has been pretty crazy! My comp is now district leader and so its been hectic. Spanish is coming along and I’m starting to get comfortable. My comp and I always have a good time. We have been working really hard with the members which has been good. But come thing happened this week that almost made me cry. I’m studying and my comp says that we have divisions today, and usually I’m like “oh yeah west!” But when he said it was with the AP, I almost cried. Not really, but I was pretty nervous. Well Elder Compton came to my area and guess what happened?! All my citas (appointments) fell through! But for some reason I was calm! We worked harder than I have ever worked and I learned so much! In one day I learned more than I would in a month! He was so chill. Also this past week we had a two day conference with Elder Duncan. I understood everything! The spirit was so strong and out investigator really felt it. I also today we had divisions with members. It was so amazing! I really felt the Spirit and learned how strong the Spirit is in conversion.
    I went with all of our menos activos (less active). It was such a special experience. We gave two blessings, which was absolutely powerful. We taught this woman named Patricia. She hardly ever wants to talk to us, but this time she was willing. We started with a prayer and then I asked her if there was anything that we could help her with. She opened up to us and told us all the struggles and problems she is having. It was the hardest thing to hear, but the Spirit guided me to say exactly what she needed to hear. The first counselor in the Bishopric bore the strongest testimony. And after she said she felt something different, something she couldn't describe. She was in tears and I was so grateful that the Spirit had touched her in such a way. On another note, yesterday I got rejected 4 times in a row, like so bad. My comp was dying laughing and I was so shocked. Oh and we have 3 baptisms this Saturday and I hope we can put 5 mas fechas (more dates)! Oh and we went out of our area for a new missionaries reunion and there was a subway! Real food! And now they have a huge sign saying “NO REFILLS” because I thought it was all free! My buddy from the CCM was sent home! So sad, two people from my district in the CCM have gone home! So sad!
Well I love you all! Hope all is well! Miss you guys.
Love, Elder Knight

Monday, November 17, 2014

"I'm Proud Of You"

Family and Friends,
    It’s Thursday and I really feel the need to write you all after some of the events that have happened this week. Yesterday I went to the area of my District Leader. We had divisions. Elder Orosco and I worked super hard and we taught really well together. It was amazing. We set a baptismal date with a girl named Merleoes. Ive super 20’s. But then something amazing happened that I would like to share. I really hope you all can feel the spirit. So we went to an investigators house to teach the family. When we got there a little girl said that two of the family members were sick in bed. We talked over beside one of the family members beds and asked if we could give a blessing. He said yes and so we explained and bore testimony of the power of succor Pocio. Then I helped him get up into a sitting position. I had just memorized the first part of the blessing for the consecrating and anointing part so I placed my hands on his head and gave the first part of the blessing. Then my companion and I placed our hands on his head and he gave the blessing. It was so powerful. The spirit was so strong. After we went to the other beo where a woman was laying. She was so sick! We again began to explain what a blessing was. I then helped her up because she physically could not get up. But then my companion put a drop of oil on her head. I realized that I was going to be giving the blessing. I havent given the blessing part in Spanish yet. After the anointing of the oil we placed our hands on her head. As I started I felt the spirit so strong that I wanted to cry. I was not alone. I finished the blessing and then bore testimony of the power of the priesthood, especially with the faith of the recipient. I know that this priesthood power has been restored and that it literally is the power to act in God’s name. As we left their little hut, I felt something very special. It was as if my grandma was literally talking to me. “I’m proud of you.” The mission is so dope! HAHA. Im loving it right now. This gospel is amazing and Im watching it bless the lives of so many people. My comp and I have so many funny stories to tell and we are having so much success. We had an awful week two weeks ago, but these people are prepared. We have two baptisms on Saturday. Remember I wrote this on Thursday last week. And 3 the next and more possibilities. Love you all and hope all is well! The new word for if something is cool is 20’s. Everyone here says it. The language is so dope! Love you all!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Love Being A Missionary In Nicaragua!

Family and Friends,
Alright so today was pretty freakin awesome! So Today my companion and I were struggling. Everyone was not in their houses. So we were pretty upset. All our investigators will not get baptized! They say the Book of Mormon is true and that our church is the true church but dont want to get baptized. So we have had to drop a lot of our investigators which is pretty sad. Then I got my haircut. And I was sitting in the chair and my comp was arguing with some kid and so I was trying to understand what they were saying and so the guy asked me what I wanted so I told him. But then he said something after and I had no clue what he said so I just said si. Well he just shaved it all off HAHA. Oh well it will grow back. Sounds pretty awesome right. Well then we went to a members house. Hermano Adan and his family. Hermano Adan had 396 baptisms!! What the fetch!! I saw all the evidence. Anyways we went over to share a spiritual thought and so we shared the video “The Atonement and Missionary Work” by Eyring and Holland! 

So we started it and I just started to cry. My comp put his arm around me and after it was over the bishop De Hermano Aoan told a story and she was balling so the spirit was so strong. And then I bore my testimony and I could hardly speak but I talked about the Atonement and bore my testimony of why I’m here in Nicaragua— at this point everyone was sobbing. Then my comp bore a strong testimony. I cant begin to describe that feeling under their little tin roof. The spirit is so powerful. One of my favorite experiencias aqui. Love being a missionary in Nicaragua! I also had the opportunity to go on discussions with my zone leader. They are so awesome and I learned so much from them. We had so much fun! Oh and I found out that I cant teach the gospel in English! We ran into a guy that talks a little english and I kept saying spanish words. My zone leaders were laughing so hard. Elder Gonzalez Y Elder Castillo. Oh yeah and they live in a house with my buddy from the CCM and his companion had his birthday and so we made a cake and had a little party. Oh yeah and my investigator Mario is getting baptized next week. He is super 20’s! We had the most powerful lesson today and he said he wanted to get baptized! We have two baptisms next week and two the next! Lovin it here! Love you all!

Zone Leaders Elder Gonzalez Y Elder Castillo

My Investigator Mario

Monday, November 3, 2014

God Has A Plan

Family and Friends!
This week has been really good. I have had ups and downs, but this week I have fallen in love with the mission! I love it! Im starting to really figure out who I want to be. This week I had a lot of divisions! It really is helping to be a good missionary. At first I wanted to cry haha, but now I love it. One wednesday I went on a 24 hour division with one of my buddies from the CCM. Two gringos who are new in an area! It turned out to be the best time ever! We though so well together and I really really loved the people. We had so much success. The next morning we had a lesson at 9:00 am. This was the coolest thing for me. We taught the Plan de salvation con a couple who are super pilas! The spirit was so strong. I loved these people. At the end we got a baptismal date for the 22nd of this month! And they accepted! And they were totally wanting to do all the things to prepare them. Im so sad that I cant teach them anymore, but it was so cool to see the spirit work through two new gringo missionaries. Its been a little disappointing for my companion and I because our investigators don't want to get baptized, but say that the Libro De Mormon es verdadera. Don't quite understand that haha, but one of our investigators is getting baptized the 22nd and Ive been praying and fasting for 3 more! We also have contacted some recent new investigators. Super 20’s! Also yesterday we watched a video on the Plan de Salvation con un inestigador. So amazing. It brought me to tears because this plan brings peace and comfort to those we teach. I testify with all my heart that our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ love and that God has a plan that literally brings happiness to all those who choose to follow him. Words don't describe the feeling of seeing these people change. Seeing these people want to know the truth and exercise faith. For them to describe their feelings when first prayed or read the Book of Mormon, and then asked God if it were all true. I love this work. I love these people. Even though sometimes they drive me crazy haha. So many funny things happen every day. The drunk people are the best haha. So many funny stories with them. So much I wish I could tell. I love you all and want you all to know how much I appreciate you guys. Your letters, emails, EVERYTHING! You all are in my thoughts and prayers daily! Hope Halloween was fun! 

Flooded streets, due to sooo much rain.  He referred to this in his email, when he mentioned having to help families get water out of their homes using buckets, and also helped get children off the streets to safety. 

                             My new mission leader only 18 years old. Elder De la Cruz.