Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Monday, November 10, 2014

Love Being A Missionary In Nicaragua!

Family and Friends,
Alright so today was pretty freakin awesome! So Today my companion and I were struggling. Everyone was not in their houses. So we were pretty upset. All our investigators will not get baptized! They say the Book of Mormon is true and that our church is the true church but dont want to get baptized. So we have had to drop a lot of our investigators which is pretty sad. Then I got my haircut. And I was sitting in the chair and my comp was arguing with some kid and so I was trying to understand what they were saying and so the guy asked me what I wanted so I told him. But then he said something after and I had no clue what he said so I just said si. Well he just shaved it all off HAHA. Oh well it will grow back. Sounds pretty awesome right. Well then we went to a members house. Hermano Adan and his family. Hermano Adan had 396 baptisms!! What the fetch!! I saw all the evidence. Anyways we went over to share a spiritual thought and so we shared the video “The Atonement and Missionary Work” by Eyring and Holland! 

So we started it and I just started to cry. My comp put his arm around me and after it was over the bishop De Hermano Aoan told a story and she was balling so the spirit was so strong. And then I bore my testimony and I could hardly speak but I talked about the Atonement and bore my testimony of why I’m here in Nicaragua— at this point everyone was sobbing. Then my comp bore a strong testimony. I cant begin to describe that feeling under their little tin roof. The spirit is so powerful. One of my favorite experiencias aqui. Love being a missionary in Nicaragua! I also had the opportunity to go on discussions with my zone leader. They are so awesome and I learned so much from them. We had so much fun! Oh and I found out that I cant teach the gospel in English! We ran into a guy that talks a little english and I kept saying spanish words. My zone leaders were laughing so hard. Elder Gonzalez Y Elder Castillo. Oh yeah and they live in a house with my buddy from the CCM and his companion had his birthday and so we made a cake and had a little party. Oh yeah and my investigator Mario is getting baptized next week. He is super 20’s! We had the most powerful lesson today and he said he wanted to get baptized! We have two baptisms next week and two the next! Lovin it here! Love you all!

Zone Leaders Elder Gonzalez Y Elder Castillo

My Investigator Mario