Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Monday, December 15, 2014

I Have Seen So Many Miracles

Family and Friends,
  This week was so crazy. Tuesday I went to the office for a trainers meeting. To be completely honest I was scared out of my mind. Not only was I going to be a trainer, but also a district leader. What I have figured out is that the Lord calls you to certain positions because He knows that you can do it. This has been one of the best learning experiences in my life. My new comp is latino! His name is Elder Lopez. He is pretty chill. He doesn't speak a word of English! It’s been really good for me because I’m going to learn spanish faster.
          My comp and I have worked really hard this week and have had a lot of success. I think I told you guys about my investigator that got shot five times. Well we passed by his house on Wednesday to see how he was doing. We started to share a little spiritual message with him and his family. After he told us that he knows our church is true. He explained to us that after Elder De La Cruz and I have him a blessings, the next day he was healed. He said that he knows that it was the power of God and told us that when He receives more strength He will go to church and get baptized. He and his mom are getting baptized January 17! Tears filled my eyes as I saw this guy who was in a gang, got shot, but to see that change is absolutely amazing. Cant describe how amazing that experience was. After we finished, he stood up and offered the most beautiful prayer ever. I know with all my heart that the church is true and that the priesthood, is literally the power to act in God’s name to help His children according to their faith.
  I also had divisions with my zone leader because there is a family that I’m teaching that wants to get baptized but doesn't want to get married. So we went to their house and had a powerful lesson. They committed to get baptized and married this week! Ivania, Jonathan, Y Su Hijo are going to get baptized on the 20th! Also one of our investigators named Rosa went to church and it was perfect because it was a primary program and the message was on families. It was perfect because she isn't married. I have seen so many miracles. This church is true!


Monday, December 8, 2014

District Leader

Family and Friends,

          Wow this past week has been pretty crazyyyyy. So first off one of my investigators got shot 5 times in the chest. We hadnt seen him for 2 weeks because he was in the hospital. we had been teaching his mom and a ton of the people in his family. They are really awesome and it has been amazing to see them change their lives and use the atonement. This past week my comp and I went to his house to see how he was doing and he was laying in his bed in pain with a fever . he was swetting like crazy. My comp and I had the most amazing experience. We asked him if he would like a blessing. We gave him a blessing. the power of the priesthood is so real. The next day he was up and walking and told us that he was so much better. He wants to get baptized and I hope that we can get them to go to church. Im excited to continue to teach them. I know that this church is true. I have seen so many miracles, the hand of the lord in this work. 
          On another note I had to say goodbye to my comp today. we cried so hard. the lady that we live with came running to our door and asked if everything was okay hahaha. I also have been given so much responsibility. I will be training a white comp fresh out of the MTC and will be the district leader. At first i was shocked and so scared, but I now have a very peaceful feeling. The Lord put me here because he knows that I can do it. I love this work and am excited to find out who my new comp is. I want all of you to know how much I love you guys and how much i appreciate your support. I know that our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ live. I KNOW they live and love us more than we can comprehend, and through this gospel we can find true happiness. I have seen it bless the lives of the people here in Nicaragua. 
          Oh and also there is this thing called the Policima and all the people sing and dance to the statue of mary and they give out gifts its crazy. at 3 every morning fireworks are going off. its so annoying haha. well love and miss all of you!
Love Elder Knight

Monday, December 1, 2014


Family and Friends!
  ¿Como est├ín mis cheles?! (how are my gringos, white foreigner) Life in Nicaragua is pretty awesome. This week was a lot of fun. My comp and I had a ton of amazing experiences. This past week my comp and I went to a less actives house who we had never met. She invited us into her house and we began to talk to her to find out what her needs were. But for some reason she was so scared to talk to us. She began to cry and explained to us that things have been hard for her. I felt inspired to ask her if she wanted a blessing. She then burst into tears and explained to us that she has been feeling evil spirits, and that her sister killed herself because she had felt evil spirits. My comp and I bore testimony of the power of the priesthood. Im not going to lie I was really nervous, but as we placed our hands on her head, I felt something very powerful. After the blessing she said she felt better and that she would go to church with us. I know that priesthood power is real. I testify with all my heart that it is the power of God. I wish I could tell you all in person how I really felt. 
          Also this week we went on divisions because my comp had interviews. I was with Elder Sosa and we went to a members house and they have a pig that they are going to have for Christmas. I obviously asked if I could ride it. It was tied to a tree so I couldn't go very far, but I got it on video. Its so funny! Oh also for Thanksgiving my comp, my mission leader, my buddy Elder Ward and his comp Elder Sosa went to Pizza Hut! Elder Ward and I told the three latinos that we were going to teach them how to eat on Thanksgiving. We got so much food! After Elder Sosa and my comp were in the bathroom throwing up. Elder Ward and I were dying laughing.
          Save the best for last! We had two baptisms this past weekend! One on Saturday and the other yesterday on Sunday. Juan is 15 years old and is so awesome. He really just gets it. His was on Saturday, and it was absolutely amazing. We are now starting to teach his mom. She is super positive and Im so excited to see Juan grow up in the gospel. Yesterday we had the opportunity to see Mario enter into the waters of baptism. He is 43 years old. This guy is absolutely amazing. He has a real desire to serve in our church and wants to go out with us to teach! He read and studied the Book of Mormon, and after his baptism he bore a powerful testimony. Im excited for my investigators. I love them. Last week with Elder De La Cruz. Im so sad and nervous to find out what happens next. But its the Lords work and I can do whatever he puts me to do. 

Love you all! 

Thanksgiving at Pizza Hut with Elder De La Cruz and Elder Ward

 Juan, 15 years old

 Mario, 43 years old

 Riding the pig someone is going to eat for Christmas

Meddydan  (He doesn't know how to spell it)