Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Monday, August 24, 2015

Bello Horizonte

Family and Friends,

Well my first week in Bello Horizonte was quite amazing! I had some pretty amazing experiences this week. My comp doesnt have much time in this area either so we are getting to know a ton of new people. Right now it is a little difficult, but my comp and I are making a lot of goals of things that we are going to do to make a difference in this branch. oh yeah i forgot to tell you guys im now serving in a branch. Theres not a single ward in the whole zone! Im excited to see this branch grow. The people here are so nice and are so good to the missionaries. There are a few members that are friends with some of the members in my old area so i have been treated really well! haha 

Yesterday my comp and I went to a recent converts house for dinner, and something really touched me. As we went to go eat we entered a really small room and its where this family was living. the Woman gave us the biggest smile that i have seen and welcomed us in. she was so happy and told us to sit down. she pulled out a table and gave us a ton of food with rice beans noodles tomatoes and then always a coke to drink. we said a prayer and then began to eat. she still had the biggest smile on her face and then said with a small voice i love feeding you guys. we began eating and we saw her and the kids eating off to the side. They didnt have nearly what we had on our plates. These people give literally their very best to us. They love us and know that as they serve us that the lord will bless them. very touching moment. Im excited to work here and to help this zone have great success. Another dope week and we hope to see a few baptisms this weekend. oh and Elder Nelson is coming to talk to our mission. really excited to listen to him.  

Monday, August 17, 2015

Whole New Chapter

Family and Friends

 this week was quite the week
 had some ups and had some downs. I had the opportunity to see many miracles happen this week. In the past couple weeks i have seen that the Lord has given his strongest and his chosen people many trials. I have seen so many things happen within the last week that i have come to know how important it is that we build our foundation upon the rock of jesus christ. this means follow him and live his teachings. I have seen many people struggle
but i have also seen people that have been pushing forward with great faith. really cool stuff. Also hna meybelin got baptized on saturday and shared the most amazing testimony afterwards. This was a very special moment for her and it was really cool to watch her change. My comp and i are struggling to find more people
but the lord will surely bless my comp and his new comp!
WHAT?!! I know this is where the down part of my week begins. yesterday i found out that i would be heading to another zone to continue to fulfill the same responsibilities as before
BUT I will be doing it with my DAD!! hahah my trainer and i are comps again hahaha i was so surprised when i heard that. I am working in bello horizante and the funny thing is is that its like 10 minutes from my zone of villa flor. hahaha. Im very sad for many reasons. 1 my zone of villa flor has really gotten so much better. the missionaries are doing awesome and we most likely will reach our goal. We had a meeting as a zone and gave out the changes. I HAD 1 YEAR IN VILLA FLOR i came to love it and all the missionaries. we had grown so much and have been having such great success
but the lord has something else in plan for me and i am so excited to start a whole new chapter with my new zone and meet new people.
The really sad thing was that yesterday i had to say goodbye to everyone. we cried so much hahahah. i have grown such a close bond with so many people. many that are people that i have baptized and many members that have become my family. It was so so so so hard. i realized at this point just how special these people are to me. i have seen so much in the year that i have been in the same zone. and have gotten so close to so many people. These relationships will last a life time. I love this gospel and the family that i have here in nicaragua. wouldnt trade this time for anything in the world. Thank you all for your support and for your love. cant wait to start a new week in a different area.

Monday, August 10, 2015


Family and Friends!

Well this week was pretty awesome! Ya completed one year of the mission!!! soo weird.  I had a pretty cool experience this week when i was on divisions with Elder Montezuma. he came to my area and we had one of the best days of work on my mission. I was amazed how we were guided to teach people that i didnt really plan on visiting, but as a result we saw many fruits. we encountered a woman who has received missionaries for 2 years off and on but has never come to think of baptism or to go to church. We teach people the doctrine, but if they never act they never receive the promises that God has made for them. For a person to make a decision to make a covenant with the lord, they need to fulfill with a few compromisos. as i was thinking about that many times we listen we say we believe but if we never act we never do what jesus has done, we will never have a true conversion. Its when we act that we see the fruits of our work that we see the lord fulfill his promises. This woman followed through with one compromiso just because she has heard missionaries over and over again. But this time as she followed through with one commitment she felt something different. she now not only has a desire to listen but her faith has increased and she trusts that as she acts, the Lord will do his part.We made a plan and by the end she said she will get baptised. Pretty cool experience. Also hna Meybeline is for sure for sure that she will get baptised this weekend. saturday at 5. she is so cool. she has lived a rough life, but as she has been receiving the lessons and as she has gone to church she said that for the first time in her life she has felt hope. pretty dope. changes are on Monday and im pretty nervous for the changes. i think im leaving but dont know. As a zone we are seeing some miracles happen and i have loved being in Villa Flor. Thanks for everything!! love you guys! see you guys soon!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Elder Torres

Family and friends,

Well this week was pretty crazy! so we had a zone meeting and we talked about the month of July and then we established new goals for this month. everyone is preparing for the apostol that is coming at the end of this month. we have no idea who it will be. the zone finished strong the last week of july and we put a pretty high goal for august which is awesome. One thing that i have learned is that when we put goals that are high we slowly become to realize that we cant do it alone. that we need gods help to reach this goal. this motivates us to work hard because we trust in the lords promises. cool stuff. this week my comp and i were supposed to have divisions with the aps but when we went to their area they told us that we couldnt because of emergency changes. I went back to my area and worked with an elder that goes home in two weeks. Elder Torres. it was awesome. then the next day i had the chance to work with one of my buddies in the ccm. was so awesome!! Elder Hirschi who is one of the aps. It was such a good time.

Isabel and Jorge wrote us a page with their testimonies and it was so amazing. They are doing so well and now are preparing for the next step which is the temple. They have such strong testimonies. Also my mom here in the mission is struggling right now she didnt go to church last week but my comp and i promised her that if she went we would go up and share our testimonies. she showed up and the theme of the testimonies was finding strength through hard times. the spirit was so strong and she was very touched. I love this gospel and how it strengthens us. We are preparing a family of 5 and 3 other people for baptism on the 15. Nancy y Frank  and their three kids, Omar and Perla and Mevelin. they are doing so awesome and its been awesome to see them progress. I love every single one of you and appreciate all the support. thank you for your emails. oh yeah my comp and i moved houses today. president told us that we could no longer live in our old house hahaha. so we found a house that is pretty awesome. got to go love you guys!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Roller Coaster

Family and Friends,

This week was so awesome! I saw so many miracles happen, and the lord blessed my comp and I so much. It was the last week of the month and as a zone we have been struggling a whole lot. On wedensday we had a zone meeting and talked about what has been going on and what are the struggles that everyone has been facing. The mission is like a roller coaster and many times we forget that life isnt supposed to be easy. we are here on the earth to be tested. we all have trials big and small, but there is something that i have really begun to comprehend. Miracles dont happen until after a trial of our faith. In almost all of my emails i share struggles, but I also share little miracles. if we want to receive blessing we have to sacrifice a little to humble ourselves before god. This is when the Lord blesses us. It is something that my comp and i have practiced and we have seen so many blessings. In the Book of Mormon all the profets and missionaries suffered many afflictions, but they trusted in God and Fasted and prayed often, and always were lead in the right direction and were blessed in many different ways. This week hna Isabel had been planning to be baptized on saturday. My dl came to do the interview and as he was interviewing her i had the time to talk to her husband Jorge who we started teaching, he is so awesome but we had originally  put a fecha for the 8th. as I was talking to him i invited him to be baptized with his wife, that during the baptism of his wife if he felt the spirit tell him to do it that he she follow that prompting. The day of her baptism we started the servicio bautismal and he received that prompting. They both were baptised together and it was so awesome! Then on Sunday morning brachel Brandon Josue y juniet were baptised. I saw many cool things happen this week and im so sure that god is aware of our needs and as we push forward with faith he will bless us. I know he lives and loves us. Thank you all for your support. love you guys and I want to make a shout to my boy Malcolm. I love you man, and i know that your mom is resting now. It was hard for me to hear that knews. It is hard Malcolm it is so hard but you are not alone. I love you man and keep being the man you are. You inspire everyone around you. you are the man and we all love you. Thanks for your testimony malcolm and for being you. BROTHAS FOR LIFE.

Elder Knight 

Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm Like A Member Now

Family and Friends, 

Im going to keep things short. like every week haha. I first want to thank all who wrote me brithday wishes. they really meant a lot to me. I had so many amazing experiences that really changed my life this week. The spirit is awesome and i have really grown to love these people. Especially the ones that my comp and I teach. we had amazing lessons with all of our investigators and we are preparing a baptismal service on the 25 for brandon brachel juniet josue isabel sylvia and delmer. They are all so awesome and are excited to get baptized. ´please keep them in their prayers so that they can continue to progress. also we had 9 investigators that went to church on sunday. we recently have been receiving so many blessings. This week we fasted and we saw so many miracles. This week was such a special week and I really have come to love this gospel. It brings so much happiness in peoples lives. Karla that got baptised last month is now the secretary of the relief society and is doing so well. she feels a little bit overwhelmed but she is going to do awesome. 

ON sunday was so awesome. I received so many small gifts! The ward is like my family and they all were so awesome.  After church we went to the house where we eat lunch at every day. they decorated their little room and made me a cake! The ward told me yesterday that i should just build a home here and move in because im like a member now haha. I have been here for so long haha its so awesome. They are my family here. It was so fun. after they cracked an egg on my head and poured flour on my head hahaha. they call it the wet chicken. well it was so awesome and I am so happy here. Thanks again for all your support and emails! have a good week!!! pictures next week!!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

I love How The Atonement Works

Family and Friends,

Well this week was so wild. we had 16 posibilities to interview this week. never was in my area but had some really cool experiences, a few sad experiences too. I love how the atonement works in our lives. The atonement is for all those that believe in God and choose to follow and do all that he has commanded us. I love being able to see how these people have completely changed their lives and have recieved an answer to their prayers. My comp and I this week with the little time that we have been in our area have been blessed to be able to follow the impressions of the spirit. We found many people this week who are just prepared. One Lady who we contacted this week came to a few of the baptisms that we had on Saturday and absolutely loved it. After all the members showed interest and as we were walking her back to her house she told us that she wants to prepare to become a member of the church. So many blessing also a family that we have been teaching of 5 will be getting baptized on the 24 of July. My comp and I have found somany people who are ready to enter the first door. we have been so blessed and we are so excited for July. 

Love Elder Knight

Monday, June 22, 2015

Karla's Baptism

Family and Friends,

Well this week was pretty awesome. I was hardly ever in my area because we had to do so many interviews but it was quite the experience. My comp and I decided that this week would work hard to get to know every single investigator of the missionaries in our zone. We saw so many miracles happen this week because of it. Even though we were hardly in our area the Lord blessed us tremendously. On saturday almost every companionship baptized and we did it all together. It was such a cool experience and reallyhelped the investigators that we brought to really feel the spirit and to make a decision.
 One of my converts received the priesthood on sunday and it was so awesome and Karla who just got baptized on saturday is making plans to go to the temple in diciembre. Omar and Perla went to church again and are deciding to get married and baptized together! so thats awesome. and this week we are hoping to see a family that we are teaching get baptized on saturday!  Sorry that the letter is so short, but thank you all for your support and your emails. 

Love, Elder Knight

Monday, June 15, 2015


Family and Friends,

Well this week was quite the roller coaster. It started off amazing. Hermana Karla and another girl we were teaching (Luz) got baptized on saturday. wednesday was the entrevista for the both of them. after Karla received her interview we had a very special moment. she sat down and she started to cry saying how happy and peaceful she felt. she said that she had received an answer to her prayers. WOW. so that was pretty awesome ha

ha. Luz we had been teaching for a while and she had a baptismal date but then she left without saying anything and we hadnt talked to her in 2 weeks. well on friday my comp felt inspired to walk down one street and as we were walking she popped around the corner!!  we began to talk to her and she told us that she wanted to get baptized the next day and we were like OF COURSE haha. So awesome!

Thursday the biggest rainstorm of the year hit and destroyed many homes and killed a few people. please keep these families in your prayers. One of the people who died had a baptismal date on saturday. He was the investigator of two elders in our zone. My comp and I went to go do his baptismal interview the day before he died. It was very hard for the family as the dad watched his son and his horse get taken away by the flood. I called president and asked if he would give the zone permission to go sing hymns at the funeral and he said yes. we all went on saturday morning to the funeral and sang and helped the family. Junior was his name. If you all could keep his family in your prayers as well that would be awesome. 

Saturday was awesome as we had 2 baptisms! they are so happy and we are looking forward to seeing them progress. 

Love you guys so much and hope you all have a wonderful week 

Monday, June 8, 2015


Family and friends,

This past week was so awesome! we fasted a lot this week and man did we see blessing. Karla and her daughter are getting baptized on saturday!! so awesome. 7 investigators came to church and are progressing. It is so cool to see the progression of the people here when they start living the gospel. My comp and i have been working really hard. It rained so much this week!!! It was just rivers everywhere with literal trees flowing down the streets. We found a lot of cool people this week and one of my converts received the priesthood! was a special moment. also our ward finally got a bishop and we are really starting to see a change. Also we had a really cool lesson with omar and perla. this past week we told perla to pray to receive guidance from our heavenly father to decide what she should do. after many lessons with both omar and perla. they both said that they didnt want to get married and Omar would be leaving. we were very sad to hear this but the both of them will be going to church and both want to get baptized. but after i was talking with my comp and we have a feeling that they will end up getting married and baptized. we will see what happens this month, but was a very special moment for me. will stick with me forever. i have a bunch of pictures to send so love you guys and thanks for all your support. 
Elder Knight

Monday, June 1, 2015

Elder Pozuelos

Family and Friends! 

Im going to keep it short this week because i dont have a lot of time, but i hope that all is well and want to thank you all for your support! This week has been quite the week. My new comps name is Elder Pozuelos. He is awesome and we had a really good first week together. I have been uplifted spiritually and i am so grateful for this change. Im still in Villa Flor hahah everyone is saying that i will go my whole mission in the same area hahahhaha. I have learned a lot and am beginning to see the fruits of lots of hard work in this area. never has been an area of much success bu the Lord has taught me so much and the hardships have really humbled me and have made me want to be a better person. This week a drunk guy gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek so that was interesting. but also i have a really cool story to tell you guys. so my comp and i were contacting and we passed a house and I felt a strong impression to stop and return to a house. I told you guys last week of a lady who has received 4 sets of missionaries and has never gone to church well this past week she went to church and then on tuesday we stopped by her house to teach her and her kids. I asked her what made her go to church when she had received 4 other sets of missionaries. she said she felt something telling her that she had to go to church and she now wants to know why and what is it that we teach. we taught a powerful lesson and the spirit was so strong. we invited her to pray to know if the things we had taught were true and she accepted. The next day we went to her house and we sang a hymn and started off asking her how it went when she prayed and she explained that she asked the question and said that she felt different. We asked her if she would prepare to get baptized the 13 of this month and she accepted. Tomorrow we have another lesson with her. I love how the Lord prepares people to receive this message. Love you all and i hope you all have a wonderful week

Monday, May 25, 2015

Elder Pozuelos

Fam and Friends,

This week has been amazing. I have seen so many miracles and have found so many cool people. the people in nicaragua are so awesome. There are so many people that listen and love talking with us. Allso this week we had amazing meetings with Elder Duncan. He came and really just lifted us up as missionaries. There are a bunch of things changing in the mission right now. We are the highest baptizing mission in central america but we have the lowest retention. we learned so much and we are hoping that in the next few years Nicaragua will have a temple! would be so awesome. so this week we were in meetings a lot. also this week we encountered someone who has received 4 sets of missionaries but has never gone to church. this week was the first week that she went to church and she said that she felt that she should go and showed up early for church and participated in all the classes and commented that she felt different and will be coming back this next week. Awesome!

Cambios came and im staying in villa flor! hahah Sad to say goodbye to my comp but my new comp is so awesome. from guatemala. Elder pozuelos. So excited for this next exchange. 1 year in the same zone hahaha but its awesome and im happy that im staying and will be able to see many fruits of hard work.

Love you guys and thank you so much for all your support.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Rain Rain Rain

Fam and Friends,

Well fellas its been quite the week here in villa fuegooooo. its been raining like crazy here. raining season has hit nicaragua. floods are ridiculous here hahaha the streets are literally turned into rivers and you see just about everything running down the streets haha. 

This week has been rough and really good haha. start off with the rough part. First of all want to thank you all for your prayers. Omar and Perla who were supposed to get married will not be getting baptized or married): we heard some sad news that Omar did not get a divorce and as a result turned into some problems. Perla told us that they will be getting seperated. When we heard this obviously we were devestated because it is never our intent to seperate families, but she told us that she has received an answer to her prayers and becoming a member of the true church is what she needs in her life right now. She will be getting baptized in June if everything works out. she came to church and payed her tithing (: she is quite the person. she is so dedicated and has truly been converted. so amazing to see the gospel change peoples lives.

Also we had some pretty amazing lessons with 3 of the other investigators that were planning on getting baptized on saturday. They all had pretty amazing experiences with prayer where they received answers to their prayers. I know that god answer prayers and it was so special to listen to these three people really come to know that this is the true church and that they needed to receive a baptism. Sad news is that their parents changed their minds and no longer want them to get baptized for another month or so. 

I know that these trials that have been put in our path are to help us learn and grow. I remember beeing so happy that everything would work out just as planned but this has been such a humbling experience for me. The lord has something else planned for them and I know that the Lord will help us to find those people who are ready. 

We encountered a family this week thanks to the stake president and his wife. We had one lesson with Carlos and explained the importance of families and baptism. I have never seen someone more prepared than Carlos. He has been catholic all his life and we began to talk about baptism. This man understood and explained to us that he wanted to get batpized in the true church and he knew right then and there that the church that we represent is the true church. His wife doesnt want to get married but we have a noche de hogar tonight with them and the stake president and his wife! already beginning to see miracles. The Lord prepares his children. Have seen a ton of miracles. 

ALSO CHANGES ARE COMING UP THIS NEXT WEEK.  we will see if i will go a whole year in the same zone this saturday haha. LOVE YOU ALL AND THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT

Monday, May 11, 2015


Fam and Friends,

This week was quite the week. A lot of crazy things happened this week. So on wednesday i got a call saying that we need to do a 4 day division with another zone leader from another zone. weird right! but my ap told me that i would be with Elder Harris who is from california. 6´3 and is a quarterback. i was so excited. first time in 9 months that i have run routs. everymorning we woke up and went to a basketball court to throw BUT  the first morning that we went to throw. i brought my phone and keys and set them down on the ground while we were playing. well it just so happens that when we were done throwing. THE KEYS NOR THE PHONE WERE THERE. so that made our morning quite interesting. had to break into the house and then had to go to the office to get a new phone. 

On another note i called the lawyer to talk about the marriage of Omar and Perla. They will be getting married and baptized this weekend! thank you all for your prayers. they really made a difference. Also Perla paid her tithing on sunday and isnt a member yet. so awesome. she is so excited to get married and baptized. also we have been teaching a lot of references from members and 3 others have fechas for this week. Amy,Melissa, and Luz. If you could please pray for them because they are starting to get a little nervous for their baptisms. but i know that the lord will touch their hearts and answer their prayers. Also we contacted a family who at first really wasnt that positive but as we began to teach them they began to really feel the spirit and trust us. We then found out that Rolando the dad his son is going on a mission to Brazil! he is bien catholic, but we ran into him and he gave us a hug and thanked us for talking to his dad. We are hoping that he will continue to understand and begin to act with his faith. We also brought a huge family to church on sunday. We had just started to teach them and we have such a good relationship with them. i hope that we can put a fecha with them this week. well thats just about it!

I love you all and thank you so much for everything. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Elder Knight

This is my grandma here. She always asks us to come over and help her move things or help her with he washing machine haha she sadly left to los estados unidos.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Its Also True In Spanish

Family and Friends,
Well this week went by really fast! Im healthy and am fattening back up again haha. It was crazy here in Nicaragua because The 1st of May is so huge here. It was a huge party with music and little tents with food and all kinds of things.  We could hardly walk through the streets. It rained for the first time in 5 months!!! It was like a river in the streets with water up to my knees. This week was full with parties and everything so it was very hard to find our investigators in their homes, but we were able to have some really cool experiences.
First of all I had the wonderful oportunity to finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish! ITS ALSO TRUE IN SPANISH. It was such an amazing experience to be able to finish the Book of Mormon this week. I really have come to love the scriptures and to feel of the spirit everytime i read. I have gained so much strength from reading and have been able to really come to know my savior. The Book of Mormon is so full of promises and is such a huge aid in our lives. I would like to invited you all to read daily. I didnt read daily before the mission, but by reading the Book of Mormon you will find more peace in your life. 
My comp and I this week contacted the coolest family. Its a mom and her 4 kids. At first the mom was a little hesitant and told us that she will not follow through with any compromiso, but we shared more lessons with her and she has come to realize how the gospel can bless her family. She has been struggling to find a job to support her kids, but she has come to realize that the lord is there for her and that by living the gospel she can recieve the blessings that the Lord has promised her and her family. I love how the spirit works and how many times our message is just what people need in their lives at this very moment. They went to church and stayed for all 3 hours! They were so happy and the Mom had changed her heart. 
Also one of my good friends here in my ward recieved his mission call. It made me a little trunky thinking back on when i received my mission call but it was so awesome. Hes going to Honduras. and I called that he was going there! haha. 
Also if you all could please continue for Omar y Perla. They have a baptismal date for this saturday and we are praying that Omar will be able to get his papers in time so that they can get married and then after baptized! that would be awesome. Also i went with a recent convert this week to teach people and it was so amazing to see how far he has come. we had such a powerful lesson with Omar and Perla and he shared his experience and testified with power. The spirit was so strong. 
Well thats it for this week. Love you guys so much and hope all you mothers have a wonderful mothers day(:
Elder Knight

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Hello Family and Friends!
This week has been quite the week! i dont have much time so it will have to be short but first off. I got really sick again hahaha. got stuck with chikunguna for a few days which was the worst thing that i have ever experienced in my life, but it left on thursday and i was able to go on divisions with Elder Robinson who is in my old area. It was so awesome!!! One of the families that i taught now has a date for their baptisms. It was so awesome to work with Elder Robinson and to learn from him. We had an awesome day and were able to see a lot of success. Also while i was sick i went through a fase where i was hearing everyone wrong. so one night we had dinner in our house. The lady next door is a member and gave us our food to eat. i ate my food but my comp hadnt eaten his food yet, but we had to go to the church to drop off the keys and so he said in spanish put my food in the bag so that the rats wont eat it. but i thought he said put my food in the bag so that the rats can eat it so i put it outside so that the rats could eat it and he looked at me and was like what in the world are you doing. It was so bad because he got so mad. hahah but the next morning he burst out laughing and was like poor chele chikunguna has messed with your head. Also this week we went to get to know some of the investigators of some of the missionaries in our zona and had some really powerful lessons that helped them to make the decision to get baptised this past saturday. Perla and Omar are doing awesome. Their son went to church tambien. we are just hoping that they can get the papers so that they can get married and baptised this weekend. please pray for them this week. okay well love you guys. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU ALL DO!

Josue with this white shirt and tie

The family that I taught in Villa Venezuela

Monday, April 20, 2015

Military of Nicaragua

Whats up fam and friends?

Well this week was just full of awesomeness and i cant share everything but i will share a few of the things that happened that are just really awesome. First i dont know if i told you guys but this past week is was just a little before 9:30 and we were arriving at our house and this lady called us and told us to come toalk to her. She asked us about who we were and what we taught. we explained a little bit and got her directions and went to her house the next night and we were able to explain a little bit about baptism at the door because she couldnt attend to us at the moment, but we invited her to church. The next morning we went to her house to bring her to church and she began to make excuses of why she couldnt go, but then i told her that if you put the lord first you will be rewarded with blessings this week. She said okay and so we left a little dissapointed. we were sitting in church and not to long after the meeting started. she arrived at church and said that she felt something different and that she needed to go. SO AMAZING. well then this past week we went to her house to teach her with a member and we met her husband who got in a moto accident and cant walk because he has had surgery on just about every part of his body. but we talked about baptism abd invited them to be baptized. they explained that they didnt feel ready but they wanted to learn more. we had a powerful lesson and the stake presidents wife shared a few experienes that were really powerful and she left a liahona for them to read and we left another pamphlet. the next day we arrived and they had read everything and they shared that they loved what they read and the husband said that he wanted us to take him to church on sunday. the next day we arrived at their house but only the lady could listen to us because her husband was in a lot of pain. we sat there and she bought us a coke like always and some cookies haha. we were sitting there and all of a sudden she said ¨i want to get baptized. it became silent and the feeling i just cant explain. we explained that she needs to get married but that if she trusted in the lord she would get baptized this upcoming saturday. After we asked if her husband would like a blessing. he said yes and wowwwwww The lord lives. I cant explain how amazing this experience was but i know that the Lord has given his priesthood authority to bless the lives of others. The lady. well her name is perla came to church again yesterday.  I would like to ask all of you a favor. if you could please pray for Omar and Perla this week that they may able to get married and baptized and that everything goes well that would be AWESOME. also on saturday we got to do a service project with the military of nicaragua. it was awesome!!!! i have photos. we sang oh elders of israel after they sang the national anthem and it was so sick. then we helped gather trash at some lake and it was a good time. And then last night a lady came to the church and asked us if we could go to give her grandpa a blessing who was dying. This experience really hit home to me as the lord was able to help me to know what to say. it was such a special experience. today he passed away and is now resting in peace. Love this work and I love being a missionary. Thanks for everything you guys do and for all your support. love and miss you guys a lot, but will see you guys soon! almost halfway done!!!!! crazy. 

Love, Elder Knight 

He says "broth from anotha motha" (recent convert)

When we had all of our baptisms together 

Josue maria y valesca

Monday, April 13, 2015

15 Baptisms

Fam and friends, 

This week was absolutely insane. we were so busy! this week was very special for my comp and i Elder Davidson. Davidson is such an awesome comp and we have been blessed so much in our area. The aps came to work with our zone this week and they helped us so much. our zone has had one of the best weeks ever. Every companionship really worked so hard this week to end the change on a strong note and as a zone we had 15 baptisms this week. The lord has blessed us so much and i have gained such a strong testimony that when we sacrifice something the Lord always blesses us.   This past week we were able to put a ton of fechas, and this week we were able to baptize three of them. Josue maria y valesca. It was so awesome. Josue we have been teaching for a while and he went to all of conference with us. He only has two pairs of pants, two shirts and shoes that are ripped apart. But he is so happy. We took photos and he said look we are famous i cant wait to be a missionary like you guys.  I will never forget his baptism. Our whole zone baptized at one time and it was so amazing. The spirit was so strong and there were so many people to support them. Maria y valesca struggled with some things for a while but baptism is so powerful. They came out of the water as new people, and both expressed that they feel so much better. I know without a doubt that God lives and this is his church and i cant begin to express how grateful i am to be apart of it and serve in his holy work. On sunday they were all confirmed and we gave josue a shirt and tie. He was so happy and as we were walking to church everyone in the street was yelling josue! and were saying look at josue with his shirt and tie! haha Nicaragua is a sacred place and I have seen so many miracles. I love each and every one of you and wish the best for all of you guys. I have awesome photos but i cant send them): so next week!! 

Love, Elder Knight

Monday, April 6, 2015

Fruits of Our Work

Family and Friends,
This week has been pretty crazy. We had such a good week this week. My comp and I have been working this whole change to try to lift up the area that we are working in and at the end of the change we saw the fruits of our work. we had so many powerful lessons this week. I dont have one specific one that i would like to share, but my comp and i put 7. we were talking together one night and we just smiled and we are just so grateful for what the Lord has done for us. I know that the Lord has been with us through the rough patches and has blessed us so much. It hasnt been easy but the Lord has been with us every step of the way. One family inparticular has been struggling a lot with the decision to get married and baptized. I had divisions this week with a new elder name Elder Montesuma. We went to this families house and started the lesson. This lesson was so special. We talked about the importance of families. There three kids are all baptized, but the parents for the longest time have not made the decision. The man has always been tough during lessons but something changed in him. He was talking about how stressed he is and everyhting he wanted for his kids in the future, and was sad that he couldnt provide them with their needs. The 5 of them live in a room smaller than many of your bedrooms. my comp who has only been out a few weeks pulled out a picture of his family and bore the strongest testimony. His heart was softened. The gospel blesses families. He was able to understand the promises that the Lord is so ready to fulfill if we just do our part. We put a baptism date for the 18th of this month and he was uneasy but accepted the invitation for us to prepare him and his soon to be wife(: for this date. I love how the spirit works and the plan that God has for all his children. They were able to understand that this gospel will bless their lives. Also conference was awesome and I could understand this time!!! hahahah. so powerful and i hope you all were able to listen and to feel of the spirit. We were all so excited to see if they would announce a temple here in Nicaragua, but soon!! haha  Also my comp and i killed 3 rats this week in our house. it was crazy broke two brooms in the process. also we were ending divisions this week and so there were 6 elders in one house as we were packing up our things and changing to our normal comps. my buddy elder ward has a closed can filled with bugs of all kinds that they have killed. If you open it you die because it smells so bad. one of the elders fell asleep and so we opened it right next to his face and well he woke up , but the smell filled the room in 2 seconds and we all ran out throwing up haha! Love you all you guys are awesome. We will see next monday if i Leave managua or if i will stay another change hahah. Love you all to death and hope you all had a wonderful easter! till next monday! 
Elder Knight
For a Hermana who is leaving

Went to the beach and got fried 


Monday, March 30, 2015

Fruits of Our Labors

Family and Friends,
This week has been pretty crazy! It has been so hot here. and this next week is semana santa and so im going to die in the sol. My comp and I are started to see the fruits of our labors. The lord has really strengthened us and we have been able to find new people to teach. This week was so awesome though. We had a zone meeting on tuesday and my comp and i talked about unity as a zone and how important it is to work together to accomplish our goals. We set one day this week to fast as a zone on wednesday. then on thursday, the hermanas in my barrio had a baptism. His name is kimi. he is so awesome and he has really been able to change his life around. its amazing how the gospel can change peoples lives. he told me i have never been able to change untill you guys came and taught me. He has stopped drinking smoking which he has never been able to successfully accomplish before.  all the missionaries in the zone came to support the hermanas and we all brought investigators. the spirit was so strong and it was such an amazing experience. after the baptism all the missionaries in our zone gathered together in one room and knelt down in prayer to break our fast. It was so powerful.Our zone finished with 20 baptisms and 8 in this past week. The lord has helped us so much, and we have been able to accomplish a lot only with his help. Also I had the chance to give interviews for a couple who got baptized on saturday. They both broke out crying and were so happy. they have truly changed and felt the saviors love. Also my comp and I have been struggling in our area but we had an amazing week and were so blessed to bring 4 investigators to the church! I love how the lord works. he blesses us after the trial of our faith. Im really beginning to realize that when we are grateful for what the lord has given us he blesses us with more. My comp and I have laughed harder this week than any other week. The funniest things happen here in nicaragua. Last night we killed a rat that ran out in front of me. My comp screamed and i was dying laughing and then after we killed it. he threw it at me and i screamed. solllooooo muladaaasss. Things are going great here in villa flor. I think i will be in managua my whole mission. hahah love you all and thank you all for everything.
Elder Knight

Monday, March 23, 2015


Family and Friends,

Im so sorry that i didnt have the chance to write a lot last week, and my keyboard was broken hahahaha. This week has been quite the test, but has been an amazing experience. I love the people here. Nicaragua is a sacred land to me and the people are so loving. This past week North and South mission gathered together to listen to bishop davies and guess who i saw?! Jay Smith!!! hahah it was so weird but so cool. The conference was so awesome and i got to see a lot of my buddies from the ccm. This week has been a test but as I work and serve these people my problems become resolved. I also have been in the most deep prayers than ever in my life as I have been seeking direction from our loving heavenly Father. I know that he answers our prayers and is so aware of us. All we need to do is ask! I love how prayer works and has had a huge impact on my week. We have been struggling to find people to baptize but its been really cool to use baptism in el primero contacto. My comp and I have been able to find people who really are chosen and are ready to accept, by doing this. We put a fecha with a girl named Scarlette yesterday. It was only the second lesson but felt that this is what she needed. Awesome experience. Also I have had the chance to visit a lot of less actives this past week and share with them the promises of the Lord. I love how the lord works. He is always ready to bless us if we just seek to follow his teachings. I have seen many people this week show a change of heart, but i have also seen a lot of people harden their hearts. Im about to go play soccer with a ton of kids, so love you guys and thank you all for your support!

Monday, March 16, 2015


family and friends,

This week to be honest not a whole lot went down. We are working really hard and are starting to have fun with it. We now have games as to how we will contact and its been so much fun hahah. i dont have a lot to share this week but i have been doing really well. this week was a little sad just with a lot of things i had to listen to, but its so awesome to see this gospel change peoples lives. this jehovas witness tried to talk and argue with us and it was so funny hhaha. We didnt say anything or try to argue because thats not how the lord works but sometimes its really hard not to just say stuff hahah. oh and the funniest thing happened. one elder in my zone who came to nicaragua with me called me one night because his house was infested ith fleesss hahaha he came over to our house and he was covered in flees. a dog died outside his house and no his house is infested with flees. so awful but so funny! okay sorry i dont have much time but i love you guys and appreciate all your support. promise next week ill be better. love you all

Elder knight

Monday, March 9, 2015


Family and Friends,
This week was quite the week! I had some amazing experiences that really hit home to me about how special this gospel is. My new comp and I have been teaching this girl who is the cousin of some members in our ward. She struggled a lot with the decision to get baptized, but we had a lesson that was just really powerful. She opened up with saying that she was nervous that she would fall after getting baptized. We then began to talk about faith and putting trust in the lord. When we do what the lord asks we are blessed. This promise is simple, but satan always wants us to think that we will fall or make us think otherwise. This is where faith comes in. We trust in the words of the holy prophets and the feelings of the holy spirit which testifies of the truthfullness of their words. I know that baptism is the first step to enter into the gates of eternal life. I love the scriptures, but most of all the conformations that i have received that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. The spirit is amazing and As we read in alma 32:16, 21 she was able to really ponder and act. The spirit is amazing in conversion. She was able to receive a witness that these things were true and that the decision to get baptized will bless her life. She was baptized on saturday! Also My Old comp and I were teaching a man named Donald but he had to have an interview with our president. He was told to wait as he had to receive an answer from the first presidency of the church.He has been waiting about 2 months now and on thursday I got a call from president saying that he could get baptized tomorrow. My comp and I ran to his house and I yelled Donald I have some amazing news for you! You can get baptized tomorrow! His wife who we had baptized a while back jumped for joy. They are an older couple and are my grandparents here in Nicaragua. He was so excited and gave me a big hug! He was also baptized on saturday! His baptism was hilarious because he was late and my comp and I forgot to bring an investigator my comp and I had to sprint 5 minutes to bring an investigator to his baptism. we came back out of breath and sweating like crazy. Then On sturday night i got a call from our aps that Presidente Collado will work 3 hours with us in the field. I literally crapped my pants! i was so nervous, but it ended up being an awesome experience. we had some really cool lessons and he was able to show Donald the email with the signature of the prophet and his counselors saying that he can get baptized. Well that was my week. 7 MONTHS!! Miss you all! thank you for your support. Especially grateful for my brothaaasss you all know who you are.
Elder Knight

Monday, March 2, 2015

Elder Davidson

Family and Friends,
     I had to write today because of certain events that happened today. First off, this morning was hilarious. We had a reunion de zone and so we had a bunch of cartas and boxes to give to some missionaries in our zone, so we took a little moto to the church. I got out and paid the guy. He drove off and I looked at my comp and asked him if he got the boxes. He said no and we took off! I dropped everything I had and ran after the moto haha. Everyone was like whats going on? I caught up to it and started yelling and whistling. It finally stopped and I got his packages. My comp stopped running quite a ways back. The funniest experience ever. Everyone who saw was laughing. We then had a reunion de zone and it was awesome.
     My comps last reunion de zone. It was a really awesome experience. After I divisions with Elder Lopez my old comp in my old area. It was so awesome to be in my old area. We had a couple of lessons that really helped me more than it did the investigators. The first lesson we taught this guy and his grandma. This guy has the roughest life! We started and he began to cry and told us why he was so sad. I know that this gospel has the power to change lives. It has changed mine and it was such an amazing experience to be able to teach him about the blessing that this gospel can bring into this life. The Spirit was so strong and my comp shared the strongest testimony ever. My comp had a similar lifestyle and was really able to relate with him. This next lessons was the most powerful lesson I have had on the mission. We were with my favorite fam here in Nicaragua and we went to do  a family home evening with a less active and he wasn't there so Michael called one of his friends and we went to her house to watch a video called finding faith in Christ. This video is so powerful! Everyone was in tears. After we had the opportunity to hear 3 testimonies of my fam. I can't being to describe how powerful this lesson was after I shared my testimony. I know that He lives and that He is at he head of this church. It is such a blessing to serve here and invite others to come to know their Savior and the canting power that this gospel has to bless the lives of all those who accept Him. I have seen miracles happen and have seen the change in so many peoples lives. Also on Saturday out stake president called us and wanted to take us out to lunch because my comp is going home this Thursday. We met at the church and then went in taxi for like 30 min. We then pulled into TGI FRIDAYS and my comp and I looked at President in awe. We walked in and it was weird! So weird! Tus and people with money with their families. It didn't feel right one bit! Haha I had a burger! It was so amazing! But after my comp and I got so sick to our stomachs. Today was so sad! My comps last day. Its so hard to have a comp who is going home. I feel like I'm goin with him but no! Haha excited to be with my new comp Elder Davidson. He is from Panama. He is so cool. Nervous, but excited. Okay well love you all! Thank you for your support!
Elder Knight

Monday, February 23, 2015

Dylan's Baptism

Family and Friends, 
This week has been absolutely crazy! My comp and I have been so busy with baptism interviews. We have seen a miracle. I have really been able to see miracles here in the mission. My testimony on the power of fasting has grown immensly as my comp and I fasted for our zone. Our zone had one of the best weeks of the month with 8 baptisms and 10 more this next week. My comp and I have been really struggling in our area but were able to do intercombios with 2 sets of missionaries this week and help their investigators to really understand and feel the need to get baptized. It has been amazing. Interviews i love so much. I have gotten the oportunity to really get to know these people and hear them share their testimonies. My comp and I had to help at 2 baptisms that were put together. It was such an amazing experience to be able to see this change in these peoples lives. It was the longest baptismal service but the spirit was so strong. The spirit is wonderful and we were able to see investigators who were there feel that spirit. Two of them made the decision to get baptized next week. As missionaries we invite these people to feel the spirit. We invite them to gain a testimony for themselves that the things we teach them are true. I love how the spirit works. 
My comp and I had a baptism on saturday. His name is Dylan. He is 14 years old and has never been interested in the church. his brother was baptized, but he never had a desire. We brought him to church and asked him if he would get baptized on the 21st. He said no, but the spirit touched him. He bore the most powerful testimony to us. He now has a desire to serve a mission! Those that have a desire and search for an answer will receive an answer through the holy ghost. This is a promise from our Heavenly Father. We also taught a guy this week at the church. The first lesson we invited him to get baptized. He was able to feel in this lesson that this was the right decision. I have really come to know that the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses all those who have a desire to act. I have seen people with all sorts of hardships in their lives, but were able to find answers and happiness in their lives through this gopsel. This gospel is amazing and has the power to change the lives of so many who are willing to listen. I know that this Church is true. I know because the spirit has testified to me that is true. I cant deny the feelings that i have received. My comp leaves next week. Its making me a little sad hahaha Thank you all for your prayers. Love you all!

Baptism of Dylan

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Mission Has Changed My Life

Family and Friends!
Waaaaaassssss upppppppppp. thats for you scott mark nelson dad and grandpa.
This week has been really crazy. definitely have had my ups and downs. But this week I have had some pretty neat experiences. Well It all started out with divisions with my Boy Elder Ward. He came to NIcaragua with me. I went to his area to get to know his posibilidades for baptisms. It was so fun. We had some really awesome lessons and taught really well together. So the night ended and we had just finished a lesson with a member who is my age. and he started talking about how fast he was and that he had the acceleration of messi. and so you all know where this is going. my comp starts laughing and goes lets race then. so Elder ward and I were in our misionary uniform. boots and with our bags on us. and so everyone in the street came to watch hahaha soooollooooo muladaaassss and so one of the guys on the street said go and we took off we beat him and he was like okay ya okay i was just seeing how fast you guys were so my comp and i came back to the starting point and we raced again. we beat him again. haha it was so funny and so after he said that he will train for two weeks and that he will race my comp. so funny. the next thing was really awesome. the next day my comp and i had to take a bus to the capilla in my area for a district meeting. we talked about contacting a bus but were struggling because of fear. so we flipped a cordoba to see if we will contact. of course it lands on the side to make us contact. So we walk on the bus and we were sweating buckets. laughing because we were so scared and as we waited it got so jammed packed. finally we made the decision to get up. I started and as i started to speak i lost the fear. i was able to bear testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and we invited all to hear more of our message. my comp finished and we brought 20 folletos with our names and phone number. to our astonishment many people were interested. we handed out all of them! and after we were lifted with excitement. we were so lifted up with excitment afterwards. to our astonishment a couple minutes later. someone texted our number and thanked us for the folleto and said she read it and thought what she read was beautiful. we texted her back and didnt get anything back This was an amazing experience. who knows what will happen, but we planted a seed and it really helped Elder Ward and I. This next part is a little bit more spiritual. This week I got a call from president and he told me that he would like for me to bear my testimony about the mission in a huge stake fireside for the whole stake. I was so nervous but had the wonderful opportunity to get up and share my testimony. It really made me think of the blessing that I have receive from serving a mission. I messed up a few times and struggled a bit because i was so nervous haha but it really helped me. The mission has changed my life. I have learned so much, but most of all have strengthened my testimony in my Father in Heaven and our savior Jesus Christ. I know without a doubt that they live. I have seen so many miracles and know with a surety that they live. This gospel has a wonderful power to change the lives of all who just even choose to listen. There are so many people who are ready to hear this wonderful message. after I had the most amazing experience. yesterday we had a second lesson with a lady that we contacted. She is so humble and we immediately were able to feel of the spirit. we taught about the wonderful power of obediance. recently i have become to love the promises that are in the Book of Mormon. For those that are obedient to the commandments of God will receive spiritual blessings and temporal blessings. The spirit is so wonderful and as we bore testimony she was able to feel that these blessings are from God. Many times we think of Commandments as cargas, but the Lord promises that if we obey we will be blessed immediately. These are promises from the Lord. Then we finished and as she was praying she began to cry. She has been struggling a lot, and she was able to share with us her feeling and what she is going through. This gospel has the power to change lives. It is wonderful to be able to see the spirit touch these people. I love you guys and am so grateful for your continual thoughts and prayers. I love you guys. sorry its so long hahaha till next week!
Love, Elder Knight

Elder Ward

My District

Monday, February 9, 2015

He never fails

Family and Friends, 
This week has been crazyyyyy. My comp and I are trying to find out the things that we need to do to see success in our area. It has been a pure struggle. But im learning so much about myself and it really is strengthening my testimony. I know that our Father in Heaven lives and that he loves us and wants for us to be happy. My comp and i had one day this week where we were contacting and we were getting rejected hard core like bad. But in this moment I was really able to share my testimony. even though we were rejected we were able to bear powerful testimony. We had to drop a lot of investigaters this week and it was so hard! It makes me so sad when the people dont want to progress! For some reason its the women that are not wanting to progress or listen. usually the women are kind and want to listen and change and its hard for the men. But the women dont want to get married and do want to listen to us haha. Its been hard for me, but I have been able to really strengthen my testimony about eternal families. There are so many things that im learning during these pruebas. we do intercombios every week and this week was really special. we did intercombios with the companionships that are struggling the most. It was a really good experience to be able to help them and to be able to learn from each missionary. My comp and i have been stressed this week as we are trying to help our missionaries in our zone to overcome algunas problemas ahorita. I love this work and am really putting all my trust in God. He never fails. If you all can do me a favor and pray that my comp and I can receive direction of how we can help our missionaries in our zone. I would really appreciate it. My comp and I are always running from dogs and we are always having the funniest experiences. Love you guys so much and thank you all for your support. 
Elder Knight