Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Monday, January 26, 2015

Villa Flor

Family and Friends, 

Well it was my first week in my new area Villa Flor.  It was probably one of the hardest weeks I have had. I was rejected more than ever this week. We contacted a ton and reached almost all of our metas, but just didnt see success. But I have gained a testimony of Fasting. As our week was about to end my companion and i decided that it would be a good idea to fast as a Zone. On friday we started our fast. After a long hard day of working and not seeing results, The Lord blessed us in ways that i will never forget. We contacted 2 families and had some of the most powerful lessons i have had here in the mission. Then as we were walking to another appointment, a guy ran up to us and out of breath asked us how he can become a member of our church! We were shocked haha. We should have a lesson with him sometime this week! I had been really stressed as I was trying to figure out what we were doing wrong whether it was lack of faith or what, but I learned that the Lord many of times wants to see how we react in the times that are hard. It was a time that i will never forget. My comp said that its just this area, but i learned that if I put my trust in the Lord that miracles will happen. This experience has made me stronger and I have really been able to find out things that i need to change to be a better missionary and to enable the spirit to be with me. 

I did get the wonderful chance to baptize Juan on Saturday! I had one lesson with him haha and he was ready to get baptized. It is such an amazing experience to watch these people accept the gospel and really have a desire to change their lives. Also my comp baptized one of my investigators in my old area! I am so grateful for these experiences. When we show gratitude the Lord blesses us even more. I forgot to explain that my new area is right across the street and so im still in the same church building just in a different ward. It was so amazing to see all the members on Sunday. I really love them. they are my family. It was so funny. I looked into one of the classrooms and it was a class full of 9,10 year old kids. They saw me and in the middle of the class they all ran out and all gave me a hug and were jumping on me. I love and miss my old ward, but am so excited to get to know the people in Villa Flor. 

My new comp is absolutely amazing. we have the best relationship. His name is Elder Burgos. we were running and got chased by a dog. so scary and so funny.   This is his last exchange! he goes home in 5 weeks hahahaha. He is an awesome missionary and I am learning a ton from him. I love you all and hope that all is going well! 

Elder Knight

Monday, January 19, 2015

I Love The Promises In The Book of Mormon

Family and Friends,

Okay so this week was pretty crazy. Just was so busy. spent a lot of time this week visiting investigators of the missionaries in my district. I dont have much to report, but two of my ivestigators are getting baptized next week!. This week was really hard for me because i knew i was leaving my area. Yesterday was so sad as i said goodbye to my investigators and members. we all cried and it was so sad. These people really became my family. I had formed such good relationships and had worked so hard to help them. Also i had to leave my comp, which was so sad. my first son on the mission. im happy though that he will have two baptisms his first week with his new comp. We really bacame best friends. haha he is so funny. this morning i was taking my shower, and i finished and tried to open the door but i couldnt, and so i was like Elder Lopez let me out! and he was like no you cant leave hahah so for 5 minutes he kept telling me that he wouldnt let me out and would call president to tell him that we need one more exchange haha. he is crazy. But i really have learned a lot. It has really been a growing experience for me. I have seen so many miracles. I am so grateful for the hand of the Lord in this work. I have really become close to my savior and have learned to really follow the promptings of the spirit. I love this work. I love my savior and know that he lives. The longer im here the more i know that this church is true. It is so true. I had the opportunity to share my testimony on sunday because i was leaving my ward and i really am so grateful for this opportunity that i have to help others receive the blessings of this gospel. This gospel is so beautiful and i have loved seeing it change peoples lives. It is so amazing to see these people gain a testimony for themselves that these things are true. As missionaries we dont just teach and expect for them to believe in our words but we teach and invite them to have the opportunity to gain a testimony that these things are true, to recieve an answer from god and to exercise their faith. I love the scripture alma 32: 27. The invitation is for everyone and if you ask having faith in Cristo you will receive an answer. I love the promises in the Book of Mormon. But I love the knowledge that If we do our part the Lord will do his. I am excited for this exchange with my new comp because he has 23 months. he is way chill. I cant send picture for some reasons but i will send a ton next week. Love you all and thanks for all your support and prayers. They mean the world. almost 6 months in the mission! time is flying.

Love Elder Knight

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Lord Will Always Do His Part

Family and Friends, 

          This week has been really good. We had a couple of rough days but then we are continuing to see the hand of God in our area. On Tuesday my Comp and I made divisions with some of the members. I went with my Bishop and My comp went with another member. I went with the Bishop and nobody was in their houses, but one person. so we taught this man who was baptized 7 months ago, but hasnt gone to church and every week he says he will go. Well we had a really powerfull lesson and the Spirit was so strong. We could see a change in him. So that was really awesome. So It was time to go meet up with my comp and we were walking and we passed by this family that we had to drop because they werent progressing. Well I felt an impression of the spirit so strong to see if they were in their house so we went and they were there! We walked in sat down and started talking and then the Bishop bore the most powerful testimony and shared an experience from his life that could completely relate to this couple and their problems that they have. The spirit was so strong!!! The Bishop then asked if they will get married and baptized and they accepted. Jonathan the husband had changed his life and showed Ivania that he can be a good father. I began to cry. This family had gone through so much and we have worked so hard with them and to see that they had excepted the date for their marriage and baptism made me so happy! The next day my comp and I had the exact opposite, we were not having any success. nobody was home and nobody had interest in our message. So for the first time in my mission I told my comp that we should pray to receive direccion and to help us find those that are ready to hear our message. after we said the prayer, we followed the spirit and every house we went to the people were there. We found 3 families and other people who really want to know more. I know that God answers our prayers. i know it with every part of my being. One thing that i have really learned is putting trust in the lord. The Lord will ALWAYS DO HIS PART. There is not one time where the lord did not complete a promise. I know that if we have faith and if we strive to do our part, the Lord will do his. I know that They live and i know that this is the true church. 
          Also last night we were walking and we were clear up in this part of my area and its the poorest part. We were walking back down and all the lights in managua went out. you couldnt see a thing! and we were in pretty sketchy part of area and all we hear is doors slamming and little kids screaming. My comp and I were like oh perfect and so we started jogging and booked it for the main road where at least there were lights from the cars. so scary hahah. But then we went to a members house and they have these weights that are made of cement. so awesome and im so excited to work out with weights haha. But ya my comp is awesome we have the best relationship he is always teasing me and bugging me and making me laugh because im so full of stress sometimes and i need to laugh. But ya . Oh and some people are really bad liars here and its so frustrating. we saw one of our investigators outside his house and when we were walking he saw us and walked in and so we went to his house and asked for him and the lady said that he left the house to go to church! i was pretty angry. Im also learning to have a lot of patience hahah. But I love you guys and hope you all are doing well! OHIO STATE!! that one is for you scott. 
Love, Elder Knight

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


family and friends, 
          this past week was pretty crazy. full of so many events. new years was crazy hear drunk people everywhere. fireworks non stop. new years i spent with a family that i absolutely love for dinner it was so fun. My comp and i experienced a miracle on friday. We have been teaching this hermana named maritza. her son was baptized and then after we started teaching her. we put a fecha with her for this past friday but all week she was not in her house. so the day of her baptism we passed by her house and no one was there. so we went to our mission leaders house and right as we walked into their little house hermana maritsa walked by the house. I was like hermana maritsa!!!!! haha and so we ran out and greated her and she was headed to go visit her mom. but she said my baptism is today right and we were like yes! haha and she was like well can i get baptised at 7:30 and we were like yes! haha so we hurried and found clothes and prepared the font. i was so happy because we had been 3 weeks without a baptism and we had been praying so hard for our ivestigators. it was my comps first baptism and he got to baptize her. it was so special and then after she bore the most powerful testimony ever. she is so awesome. 
          Also yesterday my zone had an activity with the zone in Leon. I was so happy that we were going to leave managua and see another part of nicaragua. we arrived in Leon and we went to momotomongo which is a volcano. it was the best view and most awesome experience. we went with the president and his wife. it was so fun. we also grilled hot dogs over a fire. it was so fun. but then before we ate president called me over and told me to go with him to go buy ice so i left with him and his wife in their car to go buy ice. i dont think i have ever been more scared hahaha it was so fun though and i got to know them a little bit more. but as we were returning to where all the other missionaries were he said he needed to tell me something. and this was after he asked about my investigators and everything. and i was like okay im ready and he told me that he feels that i should be zone leader after when this exchange ends. and he told me to study and pray for guidance. i was absolutely shocked but i said thank you and said that i will do it. wowwwww haha i have been thinking a lot and i really just am relying on the lord. i know that he has called me to this position because he knows i can do it. so that was exciting news. but then after the president took us to the beach and it was so awesome i will send pictures. i also got so sick on this trip i asked some lady if i could use her bathroom and she was like of course and it was just a hole in the ground and there was no toilet paper so i took a branch off a tree and used leevessss hahah and then this morning i became a real missionary. i had an accident in my pants. worst experience in my life hahaha. well that was probably to much information but there you go. i have come to love my mission so much. i have learned sp much and have grown so much love for these people. i know that this church is true with no doubt in my mind and have come to love my savior so much and really have learned to rely on him. i love you guys so much and happy new year. hope your breaks were so fun and just know that i love you guys