Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Monday, January 19, 2015

I Love The Promises In The Book of Mormon

Family and Friends,

Okay so this week was pretty crazy. Just was so busy. spent a lot of time this week visiting investigators of the missionaries in my district. I dont have much to report, but two of my ivestigators are getting baptized next week!. This week was really hard for me because i knew i was leaving my area. Yesterday was so sad as i said goodbye to my investigators and members. we all cried and it was so sad. These people really became my family. I had formed such good relationships and had worked so hard to help them. Also i had to leave my comp, which was so sad. my first son on the mission. im happy though that he will have two baptisms his first week with his new comp. We really bacame best friends. haha he is so funny. this morning i was taking my shower, and i finished and tried to open the door but i couldnt, and so i was like Elder Lopez let me out! and he was like no you cant leave hahah so for 5 minutes he kept telling me that he wouldnt let me out and would call president to tell him that we need one more exchange haha. he is crazy. But i really have learned a lot. It has really been a growing experience for me. I have seen so many miracles. I am so grateful for the hand of the Lord in this work. I have really become close to my savior and have learned to really follow the promptings of the spirit. I love this work. I love my savior and know that he lives. The longer im here the more i know that this church is true. It is so true. I had the opportunity to share my testimony on sunday because i was leaving my ward and i really am so grateful for this opportunity that i have to help others receive the blessings of this gospel. This gospel is so beautiful and i have loved seeing it change peoples lives. It is so amazing to see these people gain a testimony for themselves that these things are true. As missionaries we dont just teach and expect for them to believe in our words but we teach and invite them to have the opportunity to gain a testimony that these things are true, to recieve an answer from god and to exercise their faith. I love the scripture alma 32: 27. The invitation is for everyone and if you ask having faith in Cristo you will receive an answer. I love the promises in the Book of Mormon. But I love the knowledge that If we do our part the Lord will do his. I am excited for this exchange with my new comp because he has 23 months. he is way chill. I cant send picture for some reasons but i will send a ton next week. Love you all and thanks for all your support and prayers. They mean the world. almost 6 months in the mission! time is flying.

Love Elder Knight