Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Monday, February 23, 2015

Dylan's Baptism

Family and Friends, 
This week has been absolutely crazy! My comp and I have been so busy with baptism interviews. We have seen a miracle. I have really been able to see miracles here in the mission. My testimony on the power of fasting has grown immensly as my comp and I fasted for our zone. Our zone had one of the best weeks of the month with 8 baptisms and 10 more this next week. My comp and I have been really struggling in our area but were able to do intercombios with 2 sets of missionaries this week and help their investigators to really understand and feel the need to get baptized. It has been amazing. Interviews i love so much. I have gotten the oportunity to really get to know these people and hear them share their testimonies. My comp and I had to help at 2 baptisms that were put together. It was such an amazing experience to be able to see this change in these peoples lives. It was the longest baptismal service but the spirit was so strong. The spirit is wonderful and we were able to see investigators who were there feel that spirit. Two of them made the decision to get baptized next week. As missionaries we invite these people to feel the spirit. We invite them to gain a testimony for themselves that the things we teach them are true. I love how the spirit works. 
My comp and I had a baptism on saturday. His name is Dylan. He is 14 years old and has never been interested in the church. his brother was baptized, but he never had a desire. We brought him to church and asked him if he would get baptized on the 21st. He said no, but the spirit touched him. He bore the most powerful testimony to us. He now has a desire to serve a mission! Those that have a desire and search for an answer will receive an answer through the holy ghost. This is a promise from our Heavenly Father. We also taught a guy this week at the church. The first lesson we invited him to get baptized. He was able to feel in this lesson that this was the right decision. I have really come to know that the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses all those who have a desire to act. I have seen people with all sorts of hardships in their lives, but were able to find answers and happiness in their lives through this gopsel. This gospel is amazing and has the power to change the lives of so many who are willing to listen. I know that this Church is true. I know because the spirit has testified to me that is true. I cant deny the feelings that i have received. My comp leaves next week. Its making me a little sad hahaha Thank you all for your prayers. Love you all!

Baptism of Dylan

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Mission Has Changed My Life

Family and Friends!
Waaaaaassssss upppppppppp. thats for you scott mark nelson dad and grandpa.
This week has been really crazy. definitely have had my ups and downs. But this week I have had some pretty neat experiences. Well It all started out with divisions with my Boy Elder Ward. He came to NIcaragua with me. I went to his area to get to know his posibilidades for baptisms. It was so fun. We had some really awesome lessons and taught really well together. So the night ended and we had just finished a lesson with a member who is my age. and he started talking about how fast he was and that he had the acceleration of messi. and so you all know where this is going. my comp starts laughing and goes lets race then. so Elder ward and I were in our misionary uniform. boots and with our bags on us. and so everyone in the street came to watch hahaha soooollooooo muladaaassss and so one of the guys on the street said go and we took off we beat him and he was like okay ya okay i was just seeing how fast you guys were so my comp and i came back to the starting point and we raced again. we beat him again. haha it was so funny and so after he said that he will train for two weeks and that he will race my comp. so funny. the next thing was really awesome. the next day my comp and i had to take a bus to the capilla in my area for a district meeting. we talked about contacting a bus but were struggling because of fear. so we flipped a cordoba to see if we will contact. of course it lands on the side to make us contact. So we walk on the bus and we were sweating buckets. laughing because we were so scared and as we waited it got so jammed packed. finally we made the decision to get up. I started and as i started to speak i lost the fear. i was able to bear testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and we invited all to hear more of our message. my comp finished and we brought 20 folletos with our names and phone number. to our astonishment many people were interested. we handed out all of them! and after we were lifted with excitement. we were so lifted up with excitment afterwards. to our astonishment a couple minutes later. someone texted our number and thanked us for the folleto and said she read it and thought what she read was beautiful. we texted her back and didnt get anything back This was an amazing experience. who knows what will happen, but we planted a seed and it really helped Elder Ward and I. This next part is a little bit more spiritual. This week I got a call from president and he told me that he would like for me to bear my testimony about the mission in a huge stake fireside for the whole stake. I was so nervous but had the wonderful opportunity to get up and share my testimony. It really made me think of the blessing that I have receive from serving a mission. I messed up a few times and struggled a bit because i was so nervous haha but it really helped me. The mission has changed my life. I have learned so much, but most of all have strengthened my testimony in my Father in Heaven and our savior Jesus Christ. I know without a doubt that they live. I have seen so many miracles and know with a surety that they live. This gospel has a wonderful power to change the lives of all who just even choose to listen. There are so many people who are ready to hear this wonderful message. after I had the most amazing experience. yesterday we had a second lesson with a lady that we contacted. She is so humble and we immediately were able to feel of the spirit. we taught about the wonderful power of obediance. recently i have become to love the promises that are in the Book of Mormon. For those that are obedient to the commandments of God will receive spiritual blessings and temporal blessings. The spirit is so wonderful and as we bore testimony she was able to feel that these blessings are from God. Many times we think of Commandments as cargas, but the Lord promises that if we obey we will be blessed immediately. These are promises from the Lord. Then we finished and as she was praying she began to cry. She has been struggling a lot, and she was able to share with us her feeling and what she is going through. This gospel has the power to change lives. It is wonderful to be able to see the spirit touch these people. I love you guys and am so grateful for your continual thoughts and prayers. I love you guys. sorry its so long hahaha till next week!
Love, Elder Knight

Elder Ward

My District

Monday, February 9, 2015

He never fails

Family and Friends, 
This week has been crazyyyyy. My comp and I are trying to find out the things that we need to do to see success in our area. It has been a pure struggle. But im learning so much about myself and it really is strengthening my testimony. I know that our Father in Heaven lives and that he loves us and wants for us to be happy. My comp and i had one day this week where we were contacting and we were getting rejected hard core like bad. But in this moment I was really able to share my testimony. even though we were rejected we were able to bear powerful testimony. We had to drop a lot of investigaters this week and it was so hard! It makes me so sad when the people dont want to progress! For some reason its the women that are not wanting to progress or listen. usually the women are kind and want to listen and change and its hard for the men. But the women dont want to get married and do want to listen to us haha. Its been hard for me, but I have been able to really strengthen my testimony about eternal families. There are so many things that im learning during these pruebas. we do intercombios every week and this week was really special. we did intercombios with the companionships that are struggling the most. It was a really good experience to be able to help them and to be able to learn from each missionary. My comp and i have been stressed this week as we are trying to help our missionaries in our zone to overcome algunas problemas ahorita. I love this work and am really putting all my trust in God. He never fails. If you all can do me a favor and pray that my comp and I can receive direction of how we can help our missionaries in our zone. I would really appreciate it. My comp and I are always running from dogs and we are always having the funniest experiences. Love you guys so much and thank you all for your support. 
Elder Knight

Monday, February 2, 2015

I'm Seeing Miracles Happen

Family and Friends,
Okay so this week has been absolutely crazy. It all started out with a leaders meeting on Tuesday. It was my first one and I was scared out of my mind. All zone leaders and you have to report the results of the month. That ended up good, but then President was talking and he goes Elder Knight would you please explain what I just said to everyone. So I stood up not knowing what to say, and then just tried the best I could to give a relevant answer! So embarrassing! Really good experience! The next day we had a zone meeting. My comp and I prepared for the things we wanted to talk about. It was amazing. The spirit was so strong. The Lord really has helped me so much. After my comp and I found out that there companionships in our zone were struggling. We were so stressed as we were trying to find resolutions for these missionaries. We decided to go into another room and kneel down and pray. I cant even begin to describe the feelings that I felt. My comp offered the prayer and I have never felt the spirit so strong during a prayer. We both were shedding a few tears as after he told me he loved me. We were able to then help these missionaries. We then had the best week of success. In Villa Flor, I’m seeing miracles happen. 
My comp and I have been struggling for success, but we put 8 baptisms dates this past week. We just have been finding people that are ready to accept. I love this work and I know that the Lord is at the head of it. Also the most amazing think happened. We were at Noche De Hermanaminto in the middle, Hermamna Berards gets a call and a sister missionary in my zone was having a nervous break down because she felt something bad. So we ran over and I gave her a blessing in English (struggling hard core) but was such a unique experience. After she jumped straight up and went to the lesson she cancelled. I just want to say that I know that our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ live. I know it without a single doubt. This church is true. I know it is and testify with all my heart it is. I love this gospel and the blessing that is it in my life and all those who accept it. 
I have so much to say! Haha dogs attack Burgos and I all the time. We have the best time. Laughing always. Love that guy. So funny. Love you all and that you for all your support.