Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Monday, March 16, 2015


family and friends,

This week to be honest not a whole lot went down. We are working really hard and are starting to have fun with it. We now have games as to how we will contact and its been so much fun hahah. i dont have a lot to share this week but i have been doing really well. this week was a little sad just with a lot of things i had to listen to, but its so awesome to see this gospel change peoples lives. this jehovas witness tried to talk and argue with us and it was so funny hhaha. We didnt say anything or try to argue because thats not how the lord works but sometimes its really hard not to just say stuff hahah. oh and the funniest thing happened. one elder in my zone who came to nicaragua with me called me one night because his house was infested ith fleesss hahaha he came over to our house and he was covered in flees. a dog died outside his house and no his house is infested with flees. so awful but so funny! okay sorry i dont have much time but i love you guys and appreciate all your support. promise next week ill be better. love you all

Elder knight