Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Monday, April 6, 2015

Fruits of Our Work

Family and Friends,
This week has been pretty crazy. We had such a good week this week. My comp and I have been working this whole change to try to lift up the area that we are working in and at the end of the change we saw the fruits of our work. we had so many powerful lessons this week. I dont have one specific one that i would like to share, but my comp and i put 7. we were talking together one night and we just smiled and we are just so grateful for what the Lord has done for us. I know that the Lord has been with us through the rough patches and has blessed us so much. It hasnt been easy but the Lord has been with us every step of the way. One family inparticular has been struggling a lot with the decision to get married and baptized. I had divisions this week with a new elder name Elder Montesuma. We went to this families house and started the lesson. This lesson was so special. We talked about the importance of families. There three kids are all baptized, but the parents for the longest time have not made the decision. The man has always been tough during lessons but something changed in him. He was talking about how stressed he is and everyhting he wanted for his kids in the future, and was sad that he couldnt provide them with their needs. The 5 of them live in a room smaller than many of your bedrooms. my comp who has only been out a few weeks pulled out a picture of his family and bore the strongest testimony. His heart was softened. The gospel blesses families. He was able to understand the promises that the Lord is so ready to fulfill if we just do our part. We put a baptism date for the 18th of this month and he was uneasy but accepted the invitation for us to prepare him and his soon to be wife(: for this date. I love how the spirit works and the plan that God has for all his children. They were able to understand that this gospel will bless their lives. Also conference was awesome and I could understand this time!!! hahahah. so powerful and i hope you all were able to listen and to feel of the spirit. We were all so excited to see if they would announce a temple here in Nicaragua, but soon!! haha  Also my comp and i killed 3 rats this week in our house. it was crazy broke two brooms in the process. also we were ending divisions this week and so there were 6 elders in one house as we were packing up our things and changing to our normal comps. my buddy elder ward has a closed can filled with bugs of all kinds that they have killed. If you open it you die because it smells so bad. one of the elders fell asleep and so we opened it right next to his face and well he woke up , but the smell filled the room in 2 seconds and we all ran out throwing up haha! Love you all you guys are awesome. We will see next monday if i Leave managua or if i will stay another change hahah. Love you all to death and hope you all had a wonderful easter! till next monday! 
Elder Knight
For a Hermana who is leaving

Went to the beach and got fried