Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Monday, April 20, 2015

Military of Nicaragua

Whats up fam and friends?

Well this week was just full of awesomeness and i cant share everything but i will share a few of the things that happened that are just really awesome. First i dont know if i told you guys but this past week is was just a little before 9:30 and we were arriving at our house and this lady called us and told us to come toalk to her. She asked us about who we were and what we taught. we explained a little bit and got her directions and went to her house the next night and we were able to explain a little bit about baptism at the door because she couldnt attend to us at the moment, but we invited her to church. The next morning we went to her house to bring her to church and she began to make excuses of why she couldnt go, but then i told her that if you put the lord first you will be rewarded with blessings this week. She said okay and so we left a little dissapointed. we were sitting in church and not to long after the meeting started. she arrived at church and said that she felt something different and that she needed to go. SO AMAZING. well then this past week we went to her house to teach her with a member and we met her husband who got in a moto accident and cant walk because he has had surgery on just about every part of his body. but we talked about baptism abd invited them to be baptized. they explained that they didnt feel ready but they wanted to learn more. we had a powerful lesson and the stake presidents wife shared a few experienes that were really powerful and she left a liahona for them to read and we left another pamphlet. the next day we arrived and they had read everything and they shared that they loved what they read and the husband said that he wanted us to take him to church on sunday. the next day we arrived at their house but only the lady could listen to us because her husband was in a lot of pain. we sat there and she bought us a coke like always and some cookies haha. we were sitting there and all of a sudden she said ¨i want to get baptized. it became silent and the feeling i just cant explain. we explained that she needs to get married but that if she trusted in the lord she would get baptized this upcoming saturday. After we asked if her husband would like a blessing. he said yes and wowwwwww The lord lives. I cant explain how amazing this experience was but i know that the Lord has given his priesthood authority to bless the lives of others. The lady. well her name is perla came to church again yesterday.  I would like to ask all of you a favor. if you could please pray for Omar and Perla this week that they may able to get married and baptized and that everything goes well that would be AWESOME. also on saturday we got to do a service project with the military of nicaragua. it was awesome!!!! i have photos. we sang oh elders of israel after they sang the national anthem and it was so sick. then we helped gather trash at some lake and it was a good time. And then last night a lady came to the church and asked us if we could go to give her grandpa a blessing who was dying. This experience really hit home to me as the lord was able to help me to know what to say. it was such a special experience. today he passed away and is now resting in peace. Love this work and I love being a missionary. Thanks for everything you guys do and for all your support. love and miss you guys a lot, but will see you guys soon! almost halfway done!!!!! crazy. 

Love, Elder Knight 

He says "broth from anotha motha" (recent convert)

When we had all of our baptisms together 

Josue maria y valesca