Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Monday, June 29, 2015

I love How The Atonement Works

Family and Friends,

Well this week was so wild. we had 16 posibilities to interview this week. never was in my area but had some really cool experiences, a few sad experiences too. I love how the atonement works in our lives. The atonement is for all those that believe in God and choose to follow and do all that he has commanded us. I love being able to see how these people have completely changed their lives and have recieved an answer to their prayers. My comp and I this week with the little time that we have been in our area have been blessed to be able to follow the impressions of the spirit. We found many people this week who are just prepared. One Lady who we contacted this week came to a few of the baptisms that we had on Saturday and absolutely loved it. After all the members showed interest and as we were walking her back to her house she told us that she wants to prepare to become a member of the church. So many blessing also a family that we have been teaching of 5 will be getting baptized on the 24 of July. My comp and I have found somany people who are ready to enter the first door. we have been so blessed and we are so excited for July. 

Love Elder Knight

Monday, June 22, 2015

Karla's Baptism

Family and Friends,

Well this week was pretty awesome. I was hardly ever in my area because we had to do so many interviews but it was quite the experience. My comp and I decided that this week would work hard to get to know every single investigator of the missionaries in our zone. We saw so many miracles happen this week because of it. Even though we were hardly in our area the Lord blessed us tremendously. On saturday almost every companionship baptized and we did it all together. It was such a cool experience and reallyhelped the investigators that we brought to really feel the spirit and to make a decision.
 One of my converts received the priesthood on sunday and it was so awesome and Karla who just got baptized on saturday is making plans to go to the temple in diciembre. Omar and Perla went to church again and are deciding to get married and baptized together! so thats awesome. and this week we are hoping to see a family that we are teaching get baptized on saturday!  Sorry that the letter is so short, but thank you all for your support and your emails. 

Love, Elder Knight

Monday, June 15, 2015


Family and Friends,

Well this week was quite the roller coaster. It started off amazing. Hermana Karla and another girl we were teaching (Luz) got baptized on saturday. wednesday was the entrevista for the both of them. after Karla received her interview we had a very special moment. she sat down and she started to cry saying how happy and peaceful she felt. she said that she had received an answer to her prayers. WOW. so that was pretty awesome ha

ha. Luz we had been teaching for a while and she had a baptismal date but then she left without saying anything and we hadnt talked to her in 2 weeks. well on friday my comp felt inspired to walk down one street and as we were walking she popped around the corner!!  we began to talk to her and she told us that she wanted to get baptized the next day and we were like OF COURSE haha. So awesome!

Thursday the biggest rainstorm of the year hit and destroyed many homes and killed a few people. please keep these families in your prayers. One of the people who died had a baptismal date on saturday. He was the investigator of two elders in our zone. My comp and I went to go do his baptismal interview the day before he died. It was very hard for the family as the dad watched his son and his horse get taken away by the flood. I called president and asked if he would give the zone permission to go sing hymns at the funeral and he said yes. we all went on saturday morning to the funeral and sang and helped the family. Junior was his name. If you all could keep his family in your prayers as well that would be awesome. 

Saturday was awesome as we had 2 baptisms! they are so happy and we are looking forward to seeing them progress. 

Love you guys so much and hope you all have a wonderful week 

Monday, June 8, 2015


Family and friends,

This past week was so awesome! we fasted a lot this week and man did we see blessing. Karla and her daughter are getting baptized on saturday!! so awesome. 7 investigators came to church and are progressing. It is so cool to see the progression of the people here when they start living the gospel. My comp and i have been working really hard. It rained so much this week!!! It was just rivers everywhere with literal trees flowing down the streets. We found a lot of cool people this week and one of my converts received the priesthood! was a special moment. also our ward finally got a bishop and we are really starting to see a change. Also we had a really cool lesson with omar and perla. this past week we told perla to pray to receive guidance from our heavenly father to decide what she should do. after many lessons with both omar and perla. they both said that they didnt want to get married and Omar would be leaving. we were very sad to hear this but the both of them will be going to church and both want to get baptized. but after i was talking with my comp and we have a feeling that they will end up getting married and baptized. we will see what happens this month, but was a very special moment for me. will stick with me forever. i have a bunch of pictures to send so love you guys and thanks for all your support. 
Elder Knight

Monday, June 1, 2015

Elder Pozuelos

Family and Friends! 

Im going to keep it short this week because i dont have a lot of time, but i hope that all is well and want to thank you all for your support! This week has been quite the week. My new comps name is Elder Pozuelos. He is awesome and we had a really good first week together. I have been uplifted spiritually and i am so grateful for this change. Im still in Villa Flor hahah everyone is saying that i will go my whole mission in the same area hahahhaha. I have learned a lot and am beginning to see the fruits of lots of hard work in this area. never has been an area of much success bu the Lord has taught me so much and the hardships have really humbled me and have made me want to be a better person. This week a drunk guy gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek so that was interesting. but also i have a really cool story to tell you guys. so my comp and i were contacting and we passed a house and I felt a strong impression to stop and return to a house. I told you guys last week of a lady who has received 4 sets of missionaries and has never gone to church well this past week she went to church and then on tuesday we stopped by her house to teach her and her kids. I asked her what made her go to church when she had received 4 other sets of missionaries. she said she felt something telling her that she had to go to church and she now wants to know why and what is it that we teach. we taught a powerful lesson and the spirit was so strong. we invited her to pray to know if the things we had taught were true and she accepted. The next day we went to her house and we sang a hymn and started off asking her how it went when she prayed and she explained that she asked the question and said that she felt different. We asked her if she would prepare to get baptized the 13 of this month and she accepted. Tomorrow we have another lesson with her. I love how the Lord prepares people to receive this message. Love you all and i hope you all have a wonderful week