Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Monday, July 27, 2015

Roller Coaster

Family and Friends,

This week was so awesome! I saw so many miracles happen, and the lord blessed my comp and I so much. It was the last week of the month and as a zone we have been struggling a whole lot. On wedensday we had a zone meeting and talked about what has been going on and what are the struggles that everyone has been facing. The mission is like a roller coaster and many times we forget that life isnt supposed to be easy. we are here on the earth to be tested. we all have trials big and small, but there is something that i have really begun to comprehend. Miracles dont happen until after a trial of our faith. In almost all of my emails i share struggles, but I also share little miracles. if we want to receive blessing we have to sacrifice a little to humble ourselves before god. This is when the Lord blesses us. It is something that my comp and i have practiced and we have seen so many blessings. In the Book of Mormon all the profets and missionaries suffered many afflictions, but they trusted in God and Fasted and prayed often, and always were lead in the right direction and were blessed in many different ways. This week hna Isabel had been planning to be baptized on saturday. My dl came to do the interview and as he was interviewing her i had the time to talk to her husband Jorge who we started teaching, he is so awesome but we had originally  put a fecha for the 8th. as I was talking to him i invited him to be baptized with his wife, that during the baptism of his wife if he felt the spirit tell him to do it that he she follow that prompting. The day of her baptism we started the servicio bautismal and he received that prompting. They both were baptised together and it was so awesome! Then on Sunday morning brachel Brandon Josue y juniet were baptised. I saw many cool things happen this week and im so sure that god is aware of our needs and as we push forward with faith he will bless us. I know he lives and loves us. Thank you all for your support. love you guys and I want to make a shout to my boy Malcolm. I love you man, and i know that your mom is resting now. It was hard for me to hear that knews. It is hard Malcolm it is so hard but you are not alone. I love you man and keep being the man you are. You inspire everyone around you. you are the man and we all love you. Thanks for your testimony malcolm and for being you. BROTHAS FOR LIFE.

Elder Knight