Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Nicaragua Managua North Mission

Monday, August 24, 2015

Bello Horizonte

Family and Friends,

Well my first week in Bello Horizonte was quite amazing! I had some pretty amazing experiences this week. My comp doesnt have much time in this area either so we are getting to know a ton of new people. Right now it is a little difficult, but my comp and I are making a lot of goals of things that we are going to do to make a difference in this branch. oh yeah i forgot to tell you guys im now serving in a branch. Theres not a single ward in the whole zone! Im excited to see this branch grow. The people here are so nice and are so good to the missionaries. There are a few members that are friends with some of the members in my old area so i have been treated really well! haha 

Yesterday my comp and I went to a recent converts house for dinner, and something really touched me. As we went to go eat we entered a really small room and its where this family was living. the Woman gave us the biggest smile that i have seen and welcomed us in. she was so happy and told us to sit down. she pulled out a table and gave us a ton of food with rice beans noodles tomatoes and then always a coke to drink. we said a prayer and then began to eat. she still had the biggest smile on her face and then said with a small voice i love feeding you guys. we began eating and we saw her and the kids eating off to the side. They didnt have nearly what we had on our plates. These people give literally their very best to us. They love us and know that as they serve us that the lord will bless them. very touching moment. Im excited to work here and to help this zone have great success. Another dope week and we hope to see a few baptisms this weekend. oh and Elder Nelson is coming to talk to our mission. really excited to listen to him.